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Live audio conferencing demo makes the Nureva difference clear

Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc.
Posted by Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc. on Mar 27, 2019 6:00:00 AM
Live audio conferencing demo makes the Nureva difference clear

It’s no secret that thousands of companies are looking for audio conferencing systems that will stand up to what users need and expect today. It seems that just about every team meeting has someone remote – either with teams working from multiple offices, a team member working from home or someone calling in from the road.

An increasingly popular alternative

As an AV/IT manager faced with the challenge of provisioning tens to thousands of meeting rooms, how do you know what product to choose? Do you stick with traditional ceiling microphones and tabletop solutions offered by the market leaders, or do you branch out to explore what new technology and a new approach can bring? By the number of new accounts we’re winning with the HDL200, HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems, increasingly the answer is that you’re looking for alternatives.

With us, you’ll learn about new things like Microphone Mist™ technology, virtual microphones, autocalibration – and that’s on top of the usual things like acoustic echo cancellation, automatic gain control and more. You can read our spec sheets, but to really satisfy your curiosity, you need to connect with us for a demo.

A tough room

We demo live from a very challenging meeting room, one that we regularly use for some of our larger team meetings. Here’s what that meeting room looks like (you’ll see a black Nureva® HDL300 system installed above the display):

Nureva HDL300 system demo room

It’s a larger meeting room, measuring 28' x 18' (8.5 x 5.5 m), with hard, reflective, nonporous surfaces that many people recognize as being harsh for audio pickup, including

  • The two glass walls
  • The large table surface
  • An 84" interactive display

Similar to your meeting room?

A common comment from prospects is that this set up mirrors their own – that’s why they connected with us for a demo. They recognize the challenges of both reverberant surfaces as well as having meeting participants actively moving around a space.

Talking over each other

One real-world situation about which many people ask is what happens when more than one person speaks at a time. The system will pick up both sides of the conversation, and it will be just as clear or garbled as it would be if you were in the room.

Audio conferencing with the HDL300 system

Moving around the room

When we demo, we move around the room so that people can hear that voices can be picked up throughout the space. While we don’t run around the space, we do move quickly enough that you can appreciate that the technology is more than capable of full, real-time pick up with no clipping or delay.

Talking (and even whispering) into the corner

We’ll go right into the corners and really test the audio pickup at the extremes of the room. In fact, we’ll even whisper into the corner of the glass walls so you can hear for yourself just how sensitive the pickup is.

Talking from under the table

And, yes, if need be, we can go under the table and show you that our Microphone Mist technology can pick up our voices even there.

Be heard anywhere with the HDL300 system

Trade show demos

At each trade show we exhibit at around the world, we invite visitors to our booth to try a live demo that connects them through to the meeting room at our head office or to one of our resellers’ demo spaces.
 Remote demos with the HDL300 system

Other information

These virtual demos are intended to not only let you hear the system for yourself but also get your questions answered.

For us, having you hear Nureva audio is really the first step in having you believe that there are viable and superior options to your current technology choice. It’s a fast (about 15 minutes), no-obligation way for you to learn about a new audio conferencing solution that is not only cost-effective but a surefire way to give your end users the conferencing experience they demand.

HDL300 audio conferencing system

Hear it for yourself

A Nureva audio conferencing system fills a conference room with thousands of virtual microphones so everyone in a meeting can be heard. Hear a quick, no-pressure demo.

Book a live demo

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