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Roundtable: Is Microphone Mist technology just marketing fluff?

Dave McKean
Posted by Dave McKean on Jun 7, 2023 6:00:00 AM
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Roundtable: Is Microphone Mist technology just marketing fluff?

We get it. “Microphone Mist™ technology” might sound like marketing fluff. And telling you it fills a room with “thousands of virtual microphones” also might not help.

So, we’re very happy to bring you this roundtable discussion that takes the question head-on. Explaining this groundbreaking technology on behalf of Nureva are two audio conferencing experts, Adrian Doughty, director, North American sales, and James Rempel, director, product management.

We think it’s crucial to bring the customer’s view to the table as well, so we brought in two senior classroom technologists (and longtime audio experts) from Duquesne University, Andy Beasom and Todd Hughes. They were both initially skeptical about what they heard about Microphone Mist technology. As Andy said, “It’s a pretty bold claim, right? I mean, this soundbar-looking thing is going to provide complete microphone coverage for a 25 by 25 room?” (Spoiler alert: Andy and Todd’s decision to purchase 100 Nureva® systems for Duquesne will tell you something about whether their skepticism was satisfied.)

Moderator Cindy Davis, content and brand director from AV Technology, led this deep dive into our technology with her own questions and those from the remote audience, including: What is Microphone Mist technology and where did the idea come from? Why is full-room audio coverage important? Can a talker be heard if they’re facing away from the device? How do Nureva systems handle unwanted or extraneous audio? Can you use data to steer a camera? How does continuous autocalibration work? Are the systems easy to install? What’s the value proposition? And more!



3:30 – Why is full-room coverage important?

4:44 – What inspired Microphone Mist technology?

7:28 – Solving meeting equity

8:40 – “We were amazed at the sound pickup”

9:57 – Description of the technology

11:47 – Were you skeptical?

17:46 – Handling extraneous audio

20:36 – Positioning a Nureva system

22:45 – Remote management

23:50 – Compared to traditional technology

25:22 – Ease of installation

27:25 – Handling HVAC

29:10 – Continuous autocalibration

36:30 – Microsoft® Teams certification

37:32 – Steering a camera

38:24 – What’s the value proposition?

43:16 – Also for in-room PA

47:20 – What’s next?

47:30 – Continuous improvement

55:50 – Customer service

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