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Webinar: Funding Classroom Education Technology for Hybrid Learning

Posted by Nureva on June 16, 2021
Webinar: Funding Classroom Education Technology for Hybrid Learning

Are you a US educator looking for funding for hybrid learning? Luckily, you can take advantage of a huge number of technology-friendly grant programs right now.

In this Grants Office webinar, Elizabeth Evans walks you through a comprehensive list of Department of Education grants currently available to US schools and districts – including pandemic-related opportunities. She also shares tips for making sure that your proposal fits the established criteria. In addition, you’ll hear Nureva CEO Nancy Knowlton’s perspective on the hybrid learning technology landscape.


A few webinar highlights

Why full-classroom audio matters

In a hybrid classroom, if you don’t have great audio for those at home, then learning just isn’t happening. Nancy shares why full-room audio is essential to giving teachers and students the flexibility they need. She also explains the backstory on why Nureva created Microphone Mist™ technology – a totally new approach to audio pickup.

Solving the problem of learning loss

Disruptions due to COVID-19 have resulted in approximately 5 months of learning loss – and it’s even worse for students in high-risk categories. This is why 20% of relief funds are earmarked for addressing this pressing issue. Elizabeth shares how to find and apply for grants that address the academic, social and emotional needs of students after the pandemic.

When stimulus funds run out

Beyond COVID relief, many other Department of Education grants can help fund hybrid classrooms, including ones focused on literacy, innovation, 21st-century learning and more. Get the full list, plus see examples of what other funding agencies at the federal and state level can offer.

Checklist: 8 audio essentials for classrooms

Does your audio system allow teachers to move around the classroom freely as they teach – and know their voices will be picked up everywhere? This is one of eight must-haves for effective classroom audio. See what else is on the list – download your checklist today (no email address required).

Get your checklist

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