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HDL300 audio conferencing system is a “slam dunk” for problem room

Dave McKean
By Dave McKean on Mar 29, 2018 5:45:00 AM
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HDL300 audio conferencing system is a “slam dunk” for problem room

“My experience with the HDL300 has been fantastic. We’ve tried so many solutions. So many wires. So many mics. This solved our problem as soon as we plugged it in!” That’s the ringing endorsement for the Nureva® HDL300 audio conferencing system from John Curran, CEO and founder of Rocscience, a geotechnical software company.

It’s safe to say John is happy, very happy, about the audio quality on conference calls for his team. But it wasn’t always that way. In fact, he and his team had despaired of ever finding a satisfactory solution.

Their regular Skype® calls with remote team members and clients were exercises in frustration and even annoyance. First, there was the hassle. “We always spent 10 or 15 minutes just getting the thing to go,” said John. And then the audio was terrible. Feedback and “tinny” sounds were the big complaints.

Problem room

Part of the problem was that Rocscience was dealing with what is known in the audio conferencing world as a “problem room.” The factors that contribute to a problem room range from HVAC to glass walls to dead surfaces to movable furniture and “free” space to roam that can put people out of range of a microphone system.

In Rocscience’s case, the likely problem room factor was the large stone conference table that created a reflective surface that bounces sound and confounds traditional meeting room microphone systems. The table wasn’t going anywhere (they loved it), so they wondered if they would ever find a solution.

Trial and error

A Google search led to a trial of a tabletop system from a well-known brand. The results were disappointing. More bad, tinny audio. Growing desperate, they got a quote for a premium in-ceiling system: $20,000.* No thanks. (The cost isn’t the only thing that makes companies think twice about in-ceiling systems. They may also be concerned about the requirement to have a room out of commission for installation. Then there’s the risk that the new system may not solve their audio problems.)


More Googling led John to Nureva. Intrigued with the company leaders’ history of tech innovation, he scheduled a quick online demo. Impressed, he ordered an HDL300 system.

He liked it immediately. Installation and setup were a breeze. “I put a couple of screws into the wall, mounted it, connected the cables, and bingo it worked – worked really well,” added John, who also likes how automatic calibration and updates make operating the HDL300 effortless. “The best thing about it is you can tell people they don’t have to touch it. Ever.”


All of which led to a call to Nureva from John: “The reason I reached out is that this is great technology. I don’t normally call somebody up to tell them they have a fantastic product, but the HDL300 solved our issues completely. It’s a slam dunk!”

Simplify your audio

Nureva has simplified everything about audio for hybrid meetings. Installation is an easy job you can do in under 60 minutes. You get true full-room coverage without the cost and hassles of multicomponent systems. And you can manage Nureva audio from anywhere.

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