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Video: Why we created Nureva XT for classrooms

By Nureva on Jan 18, 2022 6:00:00 AM
Video: Why we created Nureva XT for classrooms

Have you met Nureva® XT? It’s our new fully integrated solution for higher education and K–12 classrooms.

Nureva XT combines our innovative full-room audio system with a classroom camera and value-added services – including an extended warranty, advance unit replacement and more. The result is a highly integrated solution that just works, making it easier for those in the classroom and those joining remotely to stay connected.

In this video, find out why we created Nureva XT and how it helps make HyFlex, hybrid and distance learning more engaging and effective for students.


Nureva XT makes it easier than ever to create HyFlex, hybrid and extended  classrooms that engage students – find out more.

Video transcript

The process for developing Nureva XT really started with talking to our customers and learning about the challenges they face in deploying hybrid learning technology in their classrooms.

They really need to find things that are easy to use. Not because their technical teams can’t handle it, but because the people who are actually engaging with the systems, the teachers, really need something that is as close to plug and play as it can be.

Nureva XT is a fully integrated solution that we have created for higher education and K-12. It leverages the Nureva HDL300 for full classroom audio pickup and also includes a 4K camera and a USB hub that connects everything seamlessly.

What makes Nureva XT different is the fact that it really is tested to work together. We started with our patented Microphone Mist™ technology and worked our way out from there.

There are several ways that the Nureva XT classroom solution is unique. First of all, it includes our HDL300 and Dual HDL300 audio conferencing systems that provide full-room pickup. And it’s really the only cost-effective way to pick up everyone in the classroom.

The CV30 camera was really developed specifically for the classroom. It has a field of view such that it can cover the entire front wall of the classroom. That means that wherever the instructor walks at the front of the room, the camera can follow and know that he or she is going to be picked up and seen by remote students.

And beyond that we felt it was really important to provide device management capabilities and premium support and services.

Nureva Pro is two things. It is enhanced features within our cloud-based management platform, Nureva Console – things like room analytics and other advanced features. But it also includes an advanced service offering.

Hybrid teaching is hard. Nureva XT is designed to make it a little bit easier. The camera tracking and the full-room audio pickup mean that a teacher can move anywhere within the room. Whether they’re used to standing at the front of the room or they like to walk three rows deep and talk to every student, they have that freedom to do that.

I’m really proud of the fact that we’ve been able to take input from our customers and translate that into a product that is really going to make a difference in K–12 and higher education classrooms.

What excites me about the Nureva XT solution is that it represents an evolution of Nureva. We started as an audio-only company, and it’s our step into a full solutions company. It’s not just the camera. It’s not just the software. It’s everything coming together to deliver a complete package for our customers.


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