Pro AV performance made simple


Get exceptional audio in your larger spaces without a complex and costly setup. The HDL310 and HDL410 audio systems deliver incredible full-room mic pickup in the most challenging acoustic environments. And it’s all made possible by one or two microphone and speaker bars, a small but powerful connect module and groundbreaking technology.


Incredible microphone pickup

  • Larger room footprints
  • Next-level technology
Nureva HDL pro series larger room footprint

The pro series brings true full-room mic pickup to every inch of large and extra-large rooms. These systems have a bigger audio coverage area than any other products in our lineup — up to 35' x 55' (10.7 x 16.8 m).

Increased processing power unlocks more capabilities in our patented Microphone Mist technology, delivering our most advanced pickup yet — with superior clarity and consistency. And with ongoing firmware updates, the audio will just keep getting better and better.

Exclusive to HDL410

Unified coverage map

This patent-pending feature creates a giant microphone array with an aperture that spans the entire room. Each virtual mic is targeted with greater precision, resulting in clearer, more consistent audio.


Plug and play simplicity

  • Management at scale
  • Continuous autocalibration
  • Hassle-free installation
Nureva HDL pro series management at scale with Console direct

Console Direct — available with our pro series — gives you a 24/7 connection to Nureva® Console so you can monitor, update and adjust your systems from anywhere without the need to download software to an in-room PC.

Manual recalibration is a thing of the past. Our systems automatically and continuously adapt to changes in your room’s acoustic profile, saving IT tickets and maintenance time.

Nureva HDL pro series hassle free installation

Our systems are incredibly simple to install and set up, so you can get started in minutes — no specialized skills or tools are required. It’s the easiest way to get pro AV performance in larger spaces.

Hear it. Believe it.

Our demos have amazed thousands of IT pros — including some very skeptical ones. But you’ll have to experience one for yourself — live, 15 minutes, customized — to get what the excitement is about.

Pro series


Nureva HDL310 audio conferencing system for large rooms



Audio for large rooms delivering pro AV features and performance with plug and play simplicity

Nureva HDL410 audio conferencing system for extra-large rooms



Audio for extra-large rooms delivering pro AV features and performance with plug and play simplicity