Clicks. Not trips.

Stop going from room to room to monitor and adjust your audio. Cloud-based Nureva® Console puts you in control with just a few clicks – from anywhere.

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  • Microphone Mist technology
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Which would you choose?

There are two approaches to audio conferencing in large and extra-large spaces.


The easy way

Glance at Nureva Console’s color-coded dashboard to instantly know the health of all your devices, including third-party cameras. Remotely adjust audio settings like volume, bass, treble, noise and echo reduction. Install firmware updates with just a couple of clicks. Simplify asset management by naming, tagging and tracking your way. Take a deep dive into room analytics and usage data. Every function is incredibly intuitive. 

Complex traditional audio conferencing systems

The complex way

Many traditional audio conferencing systems require you to go from room to room to manage your audio. They may also only provide local APIs to access and manage your devices and often require you to buy third-party remote management or monitoring software. Plus, you may need to purchase and manage on-premise servers for any of the above. Finally, outside audio experts may be required to execute management tasks.

The value of simplicity

We’ve simplified every aspect of audio conferencing, including management of your devices and rooms. Cloud-based tools, advanced technology and low-maintenance systems mean staying in control takes less time, effort and money.

Nureva Console, our cloud-based audio management platform, is designed to save you time and effort. A glance at the color-coded dashboard lets you know in an instant the status and health of all your devices. And you can fine-tune audio settings and install firmware updates without the hassle of going room to room.

Nureva Console lets you customize how you name and tag your devices for easy management and tracking. Model number, firmware version and real-time status are automatically tracked so you know the status of all your devices in an instant. You can also monitor third-party cameras right in the platform.

Continuous autocalibration, a feature unique to Nureva audio, means you can be confident that your spaces are always ready with optimized audio, no matter how a room is reconfigured or what style of meeting is held. Compare this to traditional systems that may require manual monitoring and calibration by skilled technicians.

Nureva Console also enables the Nureva Developer Toolkit, which provides easy-to-use APIs that let you create time-saving integrations with your existing workflows and third-party products. You can simplify device management by automating tasks like firmware updates and customizing how and where you access audio settings and device information.

Cloud based

Meet Nureva Console

Our cloud-based device management platform. It lets you monitor, manage, update and adjust all your Nureva systems from anywhere.


Easy as 1,2,3

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sign up

Enter your email on the sign-up page to create an account.
Easy as 1, 2, 3

Enter code

Enter your enrollment code, found on the back of the connect module (HDL310 and HDL410) or generated using Nureva Console client.
Easy as 1, 2, 3


Manage and monitor all your devices from anywhere.

IT professional using Nureva Console

Manage remote

Easy to scale

With a range of systems to meet the requirements of almost any room size or configuration, and an expanding feature set, Nureva has what you need to standardize your audio across your organization. Simple asset management for your audio devices means you have one less thing to worry about. You can customize how you name and tag your devices for easy management and tracking. And whether you have 1 or 10,000, it’s easy to manage all your Nureva audio systems from a single secure dashboard.


Nureva Developer Toolkit

Accessed through Nureva Console, the Nureva Developer Toolkit provides easy-to-use APIs that let you integrate your Nureva systems with your existing workflows and third-party products. It’s simple to automate firmware updates and customize how you access device information and audio settings. You can also use our APIs to collect data on background noise, room usage and more. Connect the data to your business intelligence software to optimize your audio performance and how you utilize your meeting rooms and classrooms.

Nureva Developer Toolkit

“One of the things I like best about the HDL300 is that all I have to do is plug it in and it just works. I don’t have to do anything.”

–Gary Kirk, broadcast engineer, UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media

IT professional using Nureva Console
Microphone Mist technology

Microphone Mist technology

Microphone MistTM

Audio technology that just plain works

Microphone MistTM technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones so everyone can be heard no matter where they move or which direction they face in a space. It features continuous autocalibration that automatically and constantly optimizes the audio. This means Nureva audio is virtually maintenance-free. Fewer IT tickets save you time and money. Management becomes simpler because the technology just works like you want it to.

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New features added to Nureva Console

New features added to Nureva Console

We’re constantly improving Nureva Console, our device and room management platform. Read about new features like room insights data, email alerts and more.

Why acoustic spatial resolution matters

Why acoustic spatial resolution matters

Take a deep dive and learn how we set out to gain more precise acoustical information by measuring sound characteristics in many discrete locations in an acoustic space.

Nureva Console demo

Nureva Console demo

Get a quick run-through of all the features and capabilities of Nureva Console. See how easy it is to monitor, manage and adjust all your Nureva audio systems from anywhere.