Nureva Console cloud-based device management platform

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Nureva® Console

Cloud-based device management platform


  • Remote management
  • Intelligent monitoring
  • Analytics and insights
  • Easy-to-use APIs


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Keep everything on track

Remotely install firmware updates, check device status, change settings, access developer APIs and more – all from a secure, cloud-based platform. Nureva Console is included with the purchase of any Nureva device.

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Tools to save IT time


Anywhere remote management

  • Firmware updates
  • Asset management
  • Device settings
Nureva Console firmware updates

Be confident that your devices always have the latest firmware. When updates are available, you can bulk install them with one click. Your Nureva systems will just keep getting better.

Nureva Console asset management

Log in from anywhere to check on your spaces. You can name and classify your meeting rooms or classrooms – select type and capacity from a drop-down menu and create custom tags to make searching and sorting simpler. It’s also easy to add notes about equipment, layout or anything else that needs to be documented.

Nureva Console device settings

Don’t waste time going from room to room – you can make device adjustments right from Nureva Console. It’s easy to set up microphone pickup zones, choose a speaker setting, turn on Voice Amplification Mode and more.

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Intelligent monitoring

  • Email alerts
  • Dashboard
  • Camera monitoring
Nureva Console email alerts

Quickly resolve problems before they impact your spaces. You’ll get an email right away if any of your devices need attention.

 Available with Nureva Pro

Nureva Console dashboard

Do a quick health check of your systems with this easy-to-use dashboard that’s accessible anywhere. Always-on remote monitoring means you’ll know right away if a cable has been unplugged or if a device is missing the latest firmware.

Nureva Console camera monitoring

Monitor any USB-connected camera right from Nureva Console. Whether you’re using a camera from another manufacturer or our CV30, you can see quickly if it’s functioning properly and can proactively fix any issues before users are affected.



Analytics and insights

  • Acoustic insights
  • Usage data
Nureva Console acoustic insights

Access background noise charts to see how your rooms perform acoustically so you can make adjustments if needed. With a Nureva Pro subscription, you can access up to 3 years of historical data.

  Enhanced with Nureva Pro

Nureva Console usage data

Get the data you need to understand how your spaces are being used, and identify opportunities for optimization. It’s easy to compare rooms to find out which setups are popular. With a Nureva Pro subscription, you can access up to 3 years of historical data.

  Enhanced with Nureva Pro

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Once you’ve purchased your device, here’s how to get started.

1. Sign up

Enter your email to create your account.


2. Install

Install the Nureva Console client on the in-room PC connected to your audio system.


3. Enroll

Use the client-generated enrollment code to enroll your system in Nureva Console.

Create an account and sign in
Nureva Console getting started
Nureva Developer Toolkit

Nureva Developer Toolkit

Incorporate your Nureva devices into all your existing workflows. Our easy-to-use APIs let you create seamless integrations with other products – leaving you more time to deal with what really matters. Nureva Developer Toolkit is included with Nureva Console.

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Additional features


Cloud-based security

Hosted on the Microsoft® Azure platform, Nureva Console leverages Okta Identity Cloud for all identity and access management services. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest using 256-bit AES encryption.

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No servers needed

You won’t have to manage additional servers or deal with complex, on-premise software. Everything is in the cloud for simpler and secure access from anywhere.

Stay in sync

Do you use Microsoft Teams? It’s easy to remotely manage your Nureva products alongside your other devices right in the Microsoft Teams admin center. It’s just one more way we’re helping you keep everything in sync. And all you need to do is connect your Nureva device to a Teams Room computer.

How to get started

Nureva Console + Microsoft Teams

Compare your options

Nureva Pro
Included with your Nureva product
3- or 5-year paid subscriptions
Asset management
Device settings
Firmware updates
Email alerts
Acoustic insights
Access 72 hours of data
Access up to 3 years of data
Usage data
Access 72 hours of data
Access up to 3 years of data
Device management API
Device control API
Sound location device API
Room data API
Access 72 hours of data
Access up to 3 years of data
Nureva Pro subscription service

Nureva Pro

Our value-added subscription service offers everything you need to keep your spaces running smoothly. It includes an extended warranty, advance hardware replacement, expanded support hours and enhanced features in Nureva Console.

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Nureva Console brochure

Get the details on how Nureva Console makes audio management easier.

Nureva Console data sheet

Learn about the features and benefits of our cloud-based management platform.

Nureva Console security brief

Find security and privacy details related to our cloud-based management platform.

Nureva Pro data sheet

Learn about the features and benefits of our value-added subscription service.

Introducing Nureva
Console video

See a walkthrough of our cloud-based management platform.

Nureva Console demo video

See a walkthrough of our cloud-based management platform.


Find our resources, downloads and software, or connect with our support team for more assistance.

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Release notes



The standard version of Nureva Console is included with every Nureva product. However, there are enhanced Nureva Console features that are only available with a paid Nureva Pro subscription, including email alerts and comprehensive acoustic and usage data.

Yes, the Nureva Developer Toolkit is included with Nureva Console at no charge. It includes the ability to access your last 72 hours of room data using the room data API. Upgrade to Nureva Pro to get access to up to 3 years of data.

Nureva Console has two main components that combine to help you manage and monitor your HDL200, HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems. First, Nureva Console client gets installed on each meeting room or classroom computer. Then just sign in to to access all Nureva Console features from anywhere. With the HDL410 system, Console Direct provides a secure, 24/7 connection to Nureva Console, so there’s no need to download the client software.

To use Nureva Console with the HDL200, HDL300 or Dual HDL300 system, you will need to connect to an in-room computer that has Nureva Console client installed. With the HDL410 system, this is not required as Console Direct provides a secure, 24/7 connection to Nureva Console. This means the HDL410 can be connected to a collaboration hub, a conferencing appliance, a video conferencing codec or a laptop, in addition to an in-room PC.

Nureva Console client is certified for Windows® 10 and mac OS®. You can access on any modern Web browser.

Nureva Console is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and leverages Okta Identity Cloud for all identity and access management services. The service is segregated so that users and devices can only access their devices, services and data. All user interaction with enrolled devices in Nureva Console is done via encrypted communications using industry leading TLS 1.2 communications. Data within the Nureva Console service is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption while at rest and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 while in transit.

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Background noise charts + more

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