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Extra protection for
your spaces

Get everything you need to keep your spaces running smoothly – with no surprises. Nureva Pro includes expanded access to technical support, advance hardware replacement and enhanced features in Nureva Console. Every Nureva device comes with a 2-year subscription – add up to 3 years to keep all these features plus extend your warranty.

Comprehensive services and management tools


Services and support

  • Expanded support
  • Advance hardware replacement
Nureva Pro expanded support

Get access to knowledgeable experts when you need them. With Nureva Pro, support is available 20 hours a day (5 days a week) to quickly resolve issues.

Nureva Pro advance hardware replacement

Ensure your spaces get back up and running quickly if a device has issues. If we can’t resolve a problem, we will ship a replacement unit to you the next business day so your room is operational quickly.

Enhanced management features

  • Email alerts
  • Enhanced acoustic insights
  • Historical usage data
  • Room data API
Nureva Pro email alert feature

Quickly resolve problems before they impact your spaces. You’ll get an email if a cable is unplugged, a firmware update is needed or any of your devices need attention.

Nureva Pro enhanced acoustic insights

Access background noise charts, sound location charts and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) levels. See how your rooms perform acoustically over time so you can make changes if needed. Sound location and SNR charts are only available for the HDL410.

Nureva Pro historical usage data

Get the data you need to understand how your spaces are being used and identify opportunities for optimization. It’s easy to compare rooms to find out which setups are popular (up to three years of data available).

Nureva Pro room data API

Collect data on room acoustics and device usage, and then connect it to your preferred data analytic tools – creating one dashboard for everything.


Extended warranty

Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Nureva devices are protected for up to 5 years. When you extend your Nureva Pro subscription, you add up to 3 years to your standard 2-year warranty.

Why extend your subscription?

With Nureva Pro
Without Nureva Pro
20 hours/5 days
8 hours/5 days
Advance hardware replacement
Room management
Firmware updates
Email alerts
Acoustic insights
Access up to 3 years of data
Access 72 hours of data
Usage data
Access up to 3 years of data
Access 72 hours of data
Device management and control APIs
Room data API
Access up to 3 years of data
Access 72 hours of data
Nureva Developer Toolkit

Nureva Developer Toolkit

Easily incorporate your Nureva devices into all your existing workflows. Our easy-to-use APIs let you create seamless integrations with your other products – leaving you more time to deal with what really matters.

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Nureva Pro data sheet

Learn about the features and benefits of our value-added subscription service.

Nureva Console data sheet

Learn about the features and benefits of our cloud-based management platform.



A 2-year subscription to Nureva Pro is included with all our audio systems. You can add up to 3 years to your subscription to extend your warranty plus keep all the other Nureva Pro features.

You can add up to 3 years to your Nureva Pro subscription when you buy your device. But if you’d rather wait, it’s easy to upgrade when your 2-year subscription is coming to an end.

You don’t need to enroll your devices to get expanded access to technical support or advance hardware replacement. You will need to enroll devices to get access to the enhanced Nureva Console features that are only available with a Nureva Pro subscription. If you extend your Nureva Pro subscription beyond the included 2 years, you’ll also need to enroll your device to activate your extended warranty.

When our support team determines that your device needs to be returned for service, a replacement unit will be shipped the next business day.

At the time of purchase, we will need the email address of the admin who will manage your devices. This ensures you get all the information you need right away.

Yes, to access all the benefits of Nureva Pro, all your devices will need a Nureva Pro license. But Nureva Pro is priced per room, so one Nureva Pro subscription would cover all the Nureva devices in a room. For example, a room with an HDL300 system and a CV30 camera would need just one subscription.

If you purchase Nureva Pro, you need to be enrolled in Nureva Console to activate your extended warranty. There’s no need to register your warranty separately.

Nureva Console

Nureva Console

Manage and monitor your Nureva devices from anywhere. You can remotely install firmware updates, check device status, change settings and more – all from a secure cloud-based platform. Your Nureva Pro subscription also gives you access to enhanced features, such as acoustic insights and usage data.

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