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Control, manage
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Nureva Developer Toolkit provides cloud-based and local APIs that offer all the functionality of Nureva Console. Its easy to integrate your Nureva devices with other products or automate tasks to save time — resulting in a better experience for everyone.

Customized management
and control


Easy-to-use APIs

  • Device management API
  • Device control API
  • Sound location device API
  • Room data API
Nureva Developer Toolkit device management API

Manage Nureva devices from your preferred application. You can automate firmware updates, access device information, monitor the status of your devices and more.

Nureva Developer Toolkit  device control API

Give your users a simple and consistent experience in all your spaces by letting them control Nureva devices from your existing room control products. They can change volume, switch mute on and off, adjust treble and bass, use Active Zone Control and more.

Nureva Developer Toolkit sound location device API

Automatically steer and switch your third-party cameras so remote participants always see who’s speaking. The API communicates accurate sound direction, location and level to enable smooth camera adjustments.

Nureva Developer Toolkit room data API

Collect data on room acoustics and device usage, and then connect it to your preferred data analytic tools — creating one dashboard for everything.

Nureva Developer Toolkit mock device support

Mock device support

Build and test your integrations at scale. Our mock device uses a command line interface (CLI) to mimic a Nureva device and all its relevant states and actions, so developers dont need an actual device to start working.

Learn how to set up your mock device

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Once you’ve purchased your device, here’s how to get started.

1. Sign up

Set up a free Nureva Console account.


2. Enroll

Enroll your Nureva device or create a mock device.


3. Authenticate

Authenticate your application using OAuth2.

Explore our get started guide

Nureva Developer Toolkit getting started

Available integrations

Simplify user experience with one of our pre-built integrations.



Extron TouchLink® Pro touch panels can be used to control our HDL pro series systems (using local APIs) and our HDL series systems (using cloud-based APIs).


Crestron® 3-Series® and 4-Series™ control systems now include controls for Nureva systems. A certified control module is available in the Crestron Application Market.



Camera tracking

Use precise sound location data from our audio devices to automatically steer and switch your cameras. This integration is available for AVer, Lumens®, Extron and Crestron products, with more to come.

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Take your data to go

Need to visualize your data outside of Nureva Console? We’ve got the solution — a downloadable template for Microsoft® Power BI. The template connects directly to the room data API and imports data so you can easily create interactive dashboards and reports with actionable insights.

  Available with Nureva Pro

Get started with Power BI
Nureva Console

Nureva Console

Nureva Developer Toolkit is part of Nureva Console, our cloud-based management platform that lets you manage and monitor all your Nureva devices from anywhere. Nureva Console is included with the purchase of any device.

What’s new


Lumens camera integration

Lumens camera integration

Enable precise tracking with PTZ cameras and the HDL410 system.

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Nureva and AVer camera tracking video

AVer camera tracking video

See how our sound location data helps steer and switch AVer cameras.

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Extron camera support

Extron camera support

Use an Extron driver with a Nureva system for sound location camera tracking.

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Nureva Pro subscription service

Nureva Pro

Our value-added subscription service offers everything you need to keep your spaces running smoothly. A 2-year subscription is included with every device purchase — then add up to 3 years to extend your warranty.

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Start building today

Nureva Developer Toolkit gives you the tools you need to make life easier for your team and your users. Ready to explore?

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