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World’s northernmost university stays connected with Nureva audio

Posted by Nureva on Jan 8, 2021 6:00:00 AM
World’s northernmost university stays connected with Nureva audio

The University of Tromsø (UiT), Norway’s Arctic University, currently consists of campuses located in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark. The university contributes to knowledge-based development regionally, nationally and internationally.

UiT has more than 16,000 students currently enrolled. The university boasts a research-heavy environment that takes responsibility for and contributes to meeting the region’s total competence needs.

To ensure the success of teaching, collaboration and research, UiT has an ongoing need for innovative technology. This means that Michael Torød, senior engineer, and his colleagues in the department for digital education services have plenty to do. And maybe especially now.

On a campus this size, there are many rooms and teaching environments with different needs that require you to think innovatively. The university has done this with the HDL300 audio conferencing system from Nureva.

Since early 2018, UiT has used the HDL300 system for its many group rooms, management office and seminar and meeting rooms. Anywhere from a handful of participants to over 100 people gather in these spaces.

“The great thing about the HDL300 is that we can place it in large rooms where the lecturer moves around and must be heard well by everyone who is joining remotely,” Michael explains. “The lecturer and others in the room do not have to think about where they stand with the microphone in mind. Everyone sounds just as good.”

For those with a technical responsibility to take care of a wide variety of different rooms, easy installation and maintenance are important. You need a solution that works every time so that the teaching does not deteriorate due to the technology.

UiT explains the advantages of Nureva audio

Michael says that the previous challenge with these rooms was the placement and installation of ceiling microphones and the echo that sometimes occurred between them. Being able to cover up to 60 m2 with a single microphone and speaker bar was a simple and well-functioning alternative.

“Now we are planning a mobile solution with three large screens on a tripod, two cameras and an HDL300 that we can place in different rooms. Then we have the flexibility on campus to constantly meet new needs.”

We all want life to be simple, and Nureva contributes to that. When asked for examples of unusual use of the technology, Michael says that they use Active Zone Control.

“We have a room divided in two by a sliding door. There we’ve set up the system so that when the door is opened, the active microphone area is only set to the first half of the room. We can open at any time so that both rooms can be heard by those who join remotely.”

With its Microphone Mist™ technology, Nureva® audio provides a uniquely good user experience in rooms from 10 to 120 m2. For a lecturer, it is safe. For a student, it is crucial.


Classroom audio, evolved

Find out more about the audio solution that’s keeping University of Tromsø students and faculty connected. Nureva audio systems are quick to install. They automatically adapt to new space configurations. And they let you use every inch of your classrooms – no external mics needed.

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