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Microphone Mist™ technology vs. beamforming


Nureva Microphone Mist technology
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Many popular audio conferencing systems employ beamforming microphones. However, several characteristics of this technology can frustrate callers – and AV/IT personnel. The Nureva HDL300 system, with Microphone Mist technology, was designed around a whole new approach to meeting room microphones. We invite you to compare them.


Nureva Microphone Mist technology vs. beamforming mic array

Beamforming systems provide coverage only to preconfigured areas (blue beams). Team members moving outside the beams or talking away from them can be difficult to hear – if they can be heard at all.

Coverage and configurations Sounds outside the stationary beams tend to be significantly compromised. Overlapping beams (if you choose to widen them for greater coverage) and beam transitions can cause signal confusion that also can stifle conversations. Changing the room configuration means certain areas may lose coverage – unless you go to the trouble and expense of adjusting the system (see below).

Movement In today’s meetings, people move about the room to interact with team members, as well as technology such as presentation equipment. In a beamforming enabled room, that means people will move in and out of beams, which can make them hard to hear.

HVAC Beamforming solutions for HVAC noise entail modifications that could be difficult (separating the mic from the HVAC, “placing” the HVAC between two beams or adding dampening material), or unrealistic (eliminating the noise source).

Installation and maintenance Installing an in-ceiling beamforming system can be costly and time consuming. And adjusting beamforming lobes will likely require a qualified technician (each time you reconfigure a room).

HDL300 system with Microphone Mist technology

Nureva Microphone Mist technology diagram

The HDL300 system provides complete coverage by filling the room with up to 8,192 virtual microphones (represented by the blue bubbles).

Coverage and configurations Microphone Mist technology is the brains behind the HDL300 audio conferencing system. It fills the room with up to 8,192 virtual microphones, providing complete coverage no matter how you configure your room.

Movement Microphone Mist technology was designed for active meetings. Theres always a virtual microphone near everyone in a meeting no matter where they move or which direction they face.

HVAC The HDL300 system handles HVAC and other room noises through its advanced processor that focuses on the best sound source and defocuses on room noises. It picks up the sounds you want and leaves behind the ones you don’t.

Installation and maintenance You hang the HDL300 system on the wall in 30 minutes or less. Calibration and updates are automatic.

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Our live, no-pressure demo takes about 10 minutes. Book now.