Nureva Console for Nureva audio conferencing systems

Nureva® Console

With Nureva Console, you can easily manage and monitor all your audio conferencing systems from a single, secure dashboard.

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Manage on your terms

Nureva Console puts device management into your hands – on your terms. Make system adjustments, monitor firmware updates and device status, and more. Manage systems easily across multiple locations from one location with this secure, cloud-based platform.

Nureva Console is included with your Nureva audio conferencing system at no cost – plus you get an additional year warranty free for every device enrolled.

*Future premium features may be made available through a paid-for subscription

Nureva Console device status

It’s all right here

Everything you need to know about all your Nureva systems is right here, as detailed as you need it to be. And everything you’ll need to do is possible from your Nureva Console. See which systems are active, which need updates – it’s all here, all under your control.

Nureva Console — Devices dashboard

Nureva Console — Enroll your devices

Enroll your devices

Enroll your devices on Nureva Console, and you’re assured of a comprehensive overview of each system. Speaking of assurance, when you enroll you’ll receive an additional year warranty on your Nureva audio system, at no charge.

Nureva Console — Remote management

Remote management

Nureva Console is cloud based so you can save time by checking the status of all your audio conferencing systems from anywhere.
Nureva Console — Scalability


Enroll, configure and maintain all your Nureva audio systems from your dashboard. It’s easy, whether you have 1 or 10,000.
Nureva Console — Effortless updates

Effortless updates

Use Nureva Console to keep all your systems up to date with the latest features and firmware.

More warranty. More peace of mind.

What’s better than peace of mind? Free peace of mind. So we’re offering an additional year on our industry-leading warranty when you enroll your system on Nureva Console. An additional two years is also available for purchase.

Warranty details

Nureva audio HDL series


Why Nureva audio

Advanced audio

People can be heard anywhere in the room, making it easy to stay distanced without compromising on sound quality.


Simple setup

Quick DIY installation, no ongoing technician visits and continuous autocalibration let IT keep things simple.


Easy to scale

You’re ready to grow with models for varying spaces, firmware updates and centralized device management.

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Nureva Microphone Mist technology

Your Nureva Console account

It’s easy to get started. Simply create your account and enroll your devices. If you have questions or need assistance, we’re here to help.

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