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Back to class in the blended learning classroom

Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc.
Posted by Nancy Knowlton | President and CEO of Nureva Inc. on September 10, 2020
Back to class in the blended learning classroom

You hear it every day – get primary and secondary teachers and students back into the classroom. And for good reason. Everyone wants that – parents, students, teachers, staff and administrators. But the paramount concern needs to be everyone’s safety and well being.

This school year is looking like no other. Some areas have begun with full-time remote learning for all students, in the hopes of a full or partial return to the classroom later this year. Others are back in person now but are busy preparing for what happens if outbreaks occur. Everyone seems to have a view on how school this year will work best, and it is evolving. It’s clear that one approach won’t suit every circumstance.

As districts and school leaders contemplate the year ahead, just what can and will school look like?

The one thing we can be sure of is that a lot is going to be different. Classrooms won’t be packed with as many students. Rooms have been reconfigured to allow for greater distancing. Some students will attend remotely – all or part of the time. And that is both the opportunity and the challenge.

The opportunity in virtual learning

With so many unknowns about teachers, students, staff and administrators gathering together, more and more schools are taking the virtual approach. Even among those that have opened or plan to open in person, a certain percentage of students will not return to class and therefore will need to be supported as they learn at home.

Is your school or district back to class with blended learning classrooms – that include both in-person and remote students? While we don’t purport to know what will work best in all situations, we can tell you about how our classroom audio products can help.

Full-room audio coverage – Getting the audio performance students and teachers need doesn’t have to be complicated. We make it easy with our Microphone Mist™ technology. With it, we fill spaces with thousands of virtual microphones, making it possible to hear teachers and students in every inch of a classroom, without the need for a multicomponent system.

Full-room audio coverage with Microphone Mist technology

Solutions built for physical distancing – With Microphone Mist technology, no matter where someone is in a space, a microphone is always nearby. So, if students have to spread out in the room to meet distancing requirements, their voices will still be picked up, from wherever they sit. This means remote learners won’t miss a word and can take an active role in classroom activities.

Actively engaged students – Do you want in-room students to ask questions, lead discussions, give presentations and more – all from the safety of their desks? With Nureva audio, there’s no need for anyone to speak into a handheld mic or move to the front of the class to be heard by those who are remote. Student participation can happen just as it would have if everyone sat in the room together.

Student is clearly heard in a blended learning classroom with Nureva audio

Connected remote learners – It’s easy for students to feel isolated when they’re not in the class with their peers – if the audio experience is subpar, they might just tune out. Nureva offers clear, consistent sound quality to help everyone feel engaged and involved, no matter where they are.

Teaching that feels natural – Teachers have enough to worry about these days, and with Nureva audio, there’s one less thing to think about. There are no audio dead zones to avoid. No lapel mics to wear. And fewer calls to IT to ask for help. We take care of the technology so they can focus on the pedagogy.

No handheld mics – Nureva audio conferencing systems distribute virtual mics throughout a classroom. They don’t rely on handheld mics of any kind to touch or share. So, no one needs to worry about keeping mics charged or extra batteries on hand. And nothing needs to be sanitized, either.

Quick installation – Anyone can install a Nureva audio conferencing system in a classroom – it’s as simple as hanging it on the wall. You don’t need to bring multiple specialized technicians into your spaces. In fact, it can be done in 30 minutes – about as much time as it takes to order a pizza. No classroom downtime. No learning disruption.

Installing a Nureva audio conferencing system on a wall

Incredible flexibility – All Nureva audio products feature continuous autocalibration, which means they’re always ready for anything. When you need to change your learning spaces – perhaps to make the learning experience better or meet a new health requirement – our systems automatically adjust. This makes them ideal for our rapidly changing times.

Adaptable for any learning space – Now more than ever, we need to be prepared for learning to happen anywhere. With Nureva audio, you can turn libraries, gyms, foyers and even hallways into tech-equipped learning spaces. And for even more flexibility, just mount an HDL200 system to a mobile cart with a display, and move it where it’s needed most.

Easy remote managementNureva® Console is included with all Nureva audio conferencing systems (at no extra charge). It lets IT monitor units and run updates from a single secure dashboard. And because it’s cloud based, they can manage multiple classrooms from a school, district office or anywhere.

When we talk to our education customers, we’re proud to hear how Nureva audio products are helping them meet the challenge of these times. If you’re looking for audio solutions for your blended learning classrooms, we’d like to see if we can help you, too. Just sign up for a quick online demo. To show you the full reach of our virtual microphones and how we can meet your needs and more, we’ll deliver the demo from anywhere in the room – even under the table if you ask.

Classroom audio, evolved

Nureva audio is built for the new reality in education. Our systems are quick to install. They automatically adapt to changing classroom configurations. And with thousands of virtual microphones, they let you use every corner of your spaces and be heard – no shared mics needed.

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