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Webinar: How Athens State University built hybrid classrooms from scratch

Posted by Nureva on March 10, 2021
Webinar: How Athens State University built hybrid classrooms from scratch

Are you building hybrid learning classrooms at your college or university? David Walker of Athens State University has been where you are now. In response to the pandemic, he and his team created 30 hybrid classrooms that deliver the engaging, interactive learning experience the university’s students have come to expect.

In this University Business webinar, David walks through his process of selecting the right technology for the spaces. He explains why audio was the critical problem he needed to solve and why it’s crucial for students to hear each other, whether attending class in person or joining remotely. He also shares the full process his team used, from identifying needs all the way to faculty training and adoption.


Need audio built for student engagement? Trust the solution chosen by Athens State University. It’s easy, adaptable and offers full-room coverage so you can hear every student, everywhere.

A few webinar highlights

ActiveFlex and full-room audio

ActiveFlex is at the core of how Athens State meets the needs of its students. It combines a focus on active learning with a high degree of flexibility, such as evening classes and multiple engagement options. This approach meant that it wasn’t good enough for an audio system to just pick up instructor voices, as was the case with many of the products David tested. They needed true full-room audio coverage that would enable students to hear and be heard, everywhere in the space.

How to navigate the ocean

Responding to COVID-19 was an incredible challenge – both because the problems that needed solving were huge and the possible directions to take were numerous. David likened it to navigating the ocean. He explains how he and his team were able to use their underlying philosophy of education to guide their decision-making and how it was also instrumental in helping them stay on course.

Testing and research

Like many postsecondary institutions, Athens State was inundated by sales pitches after the pandemic hit, all claiming to be the only answer to the COVID-19 problem. David explains why he and his team ignored pressure to buy quickly and took the time to do their own research and testing. This ensured that the products they chose were the right ones, able to meet the needs of faculty and students now and in the future.

Audio built for hybrid learning

Find out more about the solution that Athens State University chose for its hybrid learning classrooms. Nureva® audio systems can be installed by anyone. They’re easy to use. And with thousands of virtual microphones, they let students be heard in every corner of a space.

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