True full-room coverage

Are your team members stuck at the table if they want to be heard? Our Microphone MistTM technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones so everyone is heard anywhere in the room.

Nureva patented Microphone Mist technology | Virtual mics diagram

Which would you choose?

There are two approaches to audio conferencing in large and extra-large spaces.


The easy way

  • No design required: out-of-the-box solution
  • One or two devices provide full-room coverage
  • A virtual mic is always close by
  • Integrated speakers
  • Continuous autocalibration

The complex way

  • Customized solution designed by audio expert
  • Multiple components to provide coverage
  • Possible dead zones between beams
  • Separate speakers, DSPs, switchers, amps, etc.
  • Calibration may require technician

The value of simplicity

By simplifying every part of audio conferencing, including performance, we create efficiencies that help you save. You get the audio quality and advanced features you need for natural conversations that enable more productive meetings and classes. And with no need for specialized knowledge or outside technicians, the savings can really add up.

Even professionally installed audio systems using a variety of combinations of microphones can leave dead zones where in-room people can’t be heard by remote participants. Nureva’s Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones so everyone can be heard everywhere in the room. You get the coverage you need for more productive meetings at a fraction of the cost.

Every change you make in a space, from moving furniture to people moving around the room, changes the room’s acoustic profile. With traditional systems you may have to adjust mics, fine-tune noise reduction and echo cancellation and more. With Nureva, you get continuous autocalibration so your audio is automatically and continuously being optimized. You get great audio without the need to call in audio experts or gain special expertise yourself.

Our Intelligent Sound Targeting feature limits the noise from fans and HVAC so there’s no need to make specialized installations away from unwanted sound sources. Active Zone Control lets you easily adjust the pickup zone yourself – with traditional systems this could require a technician to re-aim microphones. And our Voice Amplification Mode easily enables in-room amplification of a presenter without the cost or hassle of bringing in new gear or adjusting existing gear.

Nureva Microphone Mist technology

Microphone MistTM

A revolutionary approach to coverage

Most traditional audio conferencing systems use older technology like beamforming mic arrays. Our Microphone Mist technology takes a revolutionary approach that leaves other systems behind. Instead of relying on complicated multicomponent setups whose performance can be affected by the configuration of a room or where meeting participants move or face, Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones so there’s always one close by. People can speak and act naturally and be confident they are heard by remote participants.

Microphone Mist technology
Beamforming system room coverage
Nureva Microphone Mist technology room coverage

Innovative features

Nureva audio continuous autocalibration

Continuous autocalibration

Traditional microphone systems may require manual adjustments on initial start-up and each time you reconfigure a room. This may require special expertise or outside technicians. With our technology, you get continuous autocalibration that continually adjusts the system to automatically adapt to changing room conditions, even including the number and positioning of people in the room. Your rooms are always ready with clear, reliable audio.

Position-based gain control

Most traditional beamforming systems apply gain equally to all sound sources in a given beam. A conversation can be hard to hear if an undesired sound like a ceiling fan gets the same gain as the voice of a person talking. Position-based gain control, an important innovation from Nureva, identifies the exact position of each sound source in the room. This lets the system make specific optimizations to both the microphone system and the processing of each sound source. The result is a more natural listening experience for remote participants.

Nureva audio position-based gain control

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Nureva audio advanced echo cancellation

Advanced echo cancellation

Calibrating echo cancellation with a traditional system is typically performed by a technician manually adjusting the system to the distinct acoustic properties of a room. It is a time-consuming and potentially expensive process. Nureva® audio uses continuous autocalibration to measure the acoustic environment of a room in real time for each microphone and speaker combination. No technician is required, and the echo canceller automatically delivers consistent performance throughout any call.

Nureva audio Intelligent Sound Targeting


Intelligent Sound Targeting

Intelligent Sound Targeting identifies and stops targeting persistent undesirable sound sources, creating a better listening experience for remote callers.

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Nureva audio Active Zone Control


Active Zone Control

Active Zone Control allows you to designate a zone where microphone pickup is maintained while pickup in the rest of the space is reduced. 

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Nureva audio Voice Amplification Mode


Voice Amplification Mode

Voice Amplification Mode enables easy, reliable in-room amplification of a presenter’s voice, without compromising the remote experience.

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Nureva Console

Nureva Console

Easily customize your audio

Thanks to continuous autocalibration, your audio is automatically optimized. But if you want to customize your settings – like bass, treble, echo cancellation and more – Nureva Console makes it easy. You can also monitor your systems, install updates and access developer tools to customize integrations with existing workflow from anywhere.

Seamless integrations

With certifications from Microsoft® Teams and Barco ClickShare, a collaboration with Logitech and simple integrations with dozens of other platforms, we make it easy for you to get started by using the tools you know and trust.

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The HDL300 was the first microphone and speaker bar Microsoft certified for large rooms. And our full product lineup has been thoroughly tested and proven to work exceptionally well with Microsoft Teams.

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Nureva audio systems are fully tested to work seamlessly with Zoom. Enjoy plug and play audio in Zoom Rooms or in any Zoom meeting, and be sure every voice is heard in a class, lecture or meeting.

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Stunning video, meet awesome audio. Combining Logitech and Nureva lets you enjoy hassle-free, one-touch meetings with wired and wireless content sharing. It’s a better experience for meeting attendees and IT.

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It is simple to connect Barco ClickShare Conference products to Nureva audio conferencing systems for an easy-to-use, platform-agnostic conferencing system providing clear and reliable audio.

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