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Webinar: New Year, New Normal. Best Tech for Hybrid Classrooms and Remote Instruction.

By Nureva on November 18, 2020
Webinar: New Year, New Normal. Best Tech for Hybrid Classrooms and Remote Instruction.

Is your school district taking a hybrid learning approach this year? If you’re coping with the challenges of reaching remote and in-person students at the same time, you’ll want to hear what these educators have to say.

In this Tech & Learning webinar, two administrators and one teacher from LaGrange Highlands School District in Illinois share how they are delivering meaningful hybrid instruction during these challenging times. They discuss their drive to find classroom audio that connects students and teachers while making the year feel as normal as possible – and why Nureva® audio was the solution they needed.


Need classroom audio built for hybrid learning? Trust Nureva audio. It’s  simple, adaptable and offers full-room audio coverage no matter your distancing  requirements.

A few webinar highlights

The cost of inflexibility

Like many school districts, LaGrange Highlands has already been through several shifts in instructional approach – and it’s only November! The district explains why it looks for technology solutions that are flexible and can work in a range of scenarios, leaving everyone prepared for whatever happens next.

Maximizing IT resources

Eric Callis, director of technology at LaGrange, discusses the problem with tech products that require a lot of extra IT time – time the district simply doesn’t have in a year when it must support a wide range of products and an even wider range of users. That’s why he looks for products that are easy to deploy and manage – such as Nureva audio conferencing systems.

Feeling normal in times in strange times

One of LaGrange Highlands’ main goals this year was to make students feel connected – even when they’re far apart. And when it comes to classroom audio, this is where Nureva has really helped. As Eric Callis explains, with Nureva audio “you don’t have to turn your head. You don’t have to speak abnormally loud. You can carry on a normal conversation. And that’s the classroom environment that we’re interested in supporting.”

Classroom audio, evolved

Nureva audio is built for the new reality in education. Our systems are quick to install. They automatically adapt to changing classroom configurations. And with thousands of virtual microphones, they let you use every corner of your spaces and be heard – no shared mics needed.

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