Female teacher in K-12 education classroom using Nureva audio conferencing system
K-12 audio conferencing solutions

Hear every voice. Reach every student.

Simple and flexible audio solutions for all your blended learning classrooms

Education is facing an unprecedented challenge – in our new reality, how can educators create school environments where students can learn, teachers can teach and everyone stays safe? Schools have been forced to evolve rapidly, searching for ways to engage both students in the room and those who need to learn from a distance.

Looking for audio solutions for your blended learning classrooms? Meet Nureva® audio – the simplest and most flexible way to equip your learning spaces. Thanks to Nureva’s Microphone Mist™ technology, you get full-room coverage in all your spaces, with no need for lapel mics or complex technical setups. And all it takes is hanging the systems on your classroom walls.

With Nureva audio, teachers can teach as they always have, without being distracted by lapel mics or dead zones. Students can hear and be heard, whether sitting distanced within a classroom or connecting from home. And IT staff are saved from the complications that come from on-site visits and manual system calibration. It’s classroom audio conferencing, built for the new reality.

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This is classroom audio, evolved

Nureva’s Microphone Mist technology fills a classroom with thousands of virtual microphones, so everyone can be heard, from everywhere. It’s the brains behind every Nureva audio system.

K-12 education classroom with Nureva audio conferencing system

Why choose virtual microphones?

Full-room coverage

Microphone Mist technology uses virtual microphones to cover every inch of a classroom. Students can physically distance in the room and teachers can move around so anyone learning from home won’t miss a thing.

Continuous autocalibration

Continuous autocalibration means no manual adjustments are required and there are no new components to install. Microphone Mist technology adapts to meet today’s challenges and is ready for whatever comes next.

Easy management

Nureva Console lets your systems be managed from anywhere, minimizing on-site support. Adjust audio levels, check status or install the latest firmware – without ever leaving the district office.

No handheld mics

With Nureva audio, teachers never need to wonder if a lapel mic is charged or if students are getting too close to a microphone. That’s because there’s no hardware to touch or share.

DIY installation

A Nureva audio system can be installed in less than 30 minutes – no specialized technicians required. So it’s easy to set up your classrooms or move systems to different spaces to meet changing needs.


Get high-quality audio for much less than the cost of complex, multicomponent systems. And because installation and maintenance can be done in-house, the cost savings will grow over time.
Male teacher in K-12 education classroom

Built for physical distancing

Nureva audio picks up voices in the classroom no matter how far apart students and teachers are. So students can ask questions, give presentations, take part in discussions, all from the safety of their desks. And teachers can teach as they always have, without needing to keep track of mics. From the front of the class to the corners of the room, everyone can take part and stay fully engaged.

IT professional installing the Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system

Simple audio for complex times

Everything is complicated enough these days, so we focus on making things easy. Installing a Nureva audio system is quick and DIY. Units can be installed on a mobile cart to easily move among classrooms. USB connectivity means we work with any platform. And thanks to continuous autocalibration, no matter how often a room is reconfigured, the system automatically adjusts. Experiment with spaces as much as needed to get things right.

IT professional using Nureva Console to manage multiple Nureva audio conferencing systems

Solutions you can count on

When time and budgets are tight but quality is important, Nureva offers the reliable audio experience that students and teachers deserve. To reduce site visits, IT specialists can manage multiple systems from one location – a school, district office or anywhere. Plus, with regular firmware updates that can also be managed remotely, the value of Nureva audio conferencing systems keeps growing over time.

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Now hear the difference

We have a range of systems to meet all your school or district needs – today and in the future. It takes just 15 minutes to hear exactly how Nureva audio sounds, plus get your questions answered by one of our audio conferencing experts. Book your demo today.

Nureva HDL200 and HDL300 audio conferencing systems


For microphone coverage up to
25' x 25'  |  7.6 x 7.6 m


For microphone coverage up to
18' x 18'  |  5.5 x 5.5 m