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Deloitte Greenhouse makes an impact with digital facilitation

Posted by Nureva on Jan 31, 2019 6:00:00 AM

What does it mean to truly have an impact?

At Deloitte offices worldwide, Impact Day is celebrated every year as a chance to make a real difference – one that will have lasting benefits for the people involved. At the Deloitte Greenhouse location in Ottawa, Canada, Jen Hunter and Morgan Nordstrom wanted to spend their day giving back to three nonprofit and government groups that work to strengthen social enterprise, improve innovation and support public service. The goal was to help each group explore how the participants could think differently, work differently and act differently to achieve their goals.

A few years ago, facilitation sessions like these would have taken Jen and Morgan days of work – from prepping materials and setting up the right collaboration space, to transcribing the results and sharing documents with participants afterward. But that was before they tapped into the power of digital facilitation.


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