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HDL200 system is now available for all your small spaces

Tricia Whenham
By Tricia Whenham on Jun 23, 2020 6:00:00 AM
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HDL200 system is now available for all your small spaces

The day is finally here! We’re excited to share that the newest addition to our line of audio products is now shipping.

The HDL200 audio conferencing system is our first product engineered for small spaces – up to 18' x 18' (5.5 x 5.5 m). Like all Nureva® audio products, it’s powered by Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones (4,096 to be exact) so you can be heard anywhere, no matter where you sit or what direction you face.

Things are complicated enough these days, so we’ve built the HDL200 system for simplicity and flexibility. Installation is easy enough that you can do it yourself if you’d like. The HDL200 system can be mounted on a display, stand or wall, giving you out-of-the-way options when space is limited.

With Nureva audio, no extra complications are waiting for you around the corner. When you need to change up your spaces, you’re not stuck doing a manual calibration or adding new software or components just to make things work. Microphone Mist technology is continually calibrating, so don’t worry about it. Experiment with your spaces as much as you need – the HDL200 system just adapts.

We’ve also added a couple of new features that our customers have been looking for. A small magnetic camera mount means you can choose a camera and position it where you like. And a built-in LCD gives people in the room helpful info like the time, volume settings and more.

Here’s Adrian to tell you a little bit more about our newest product.


It takes just 15 minutes to hear the HDL200 system with a live, online demo.  Book yours today!

Made for our new reality

Are you under pressure to figure out how to revamp your spaces so they provide both physical distancing in the room and the experience that remote people need? It’s stressful to decide what will work in today’s reality – especially when we all know how fast things can change.

With the HDL200 system, there’s much less to think about.

Because Microphone Mist technology picks up sound from every inch of a space, people can spread out and face any direction and still be heard. With no dead zones to work around, you can meet distancing requirements in your spaces and ensure that anyone who’s remote can hear clearly. Conversations between people spread out in a space and people conferencing in feel much more natural with Nureva audio.

But what if the health and safety protocols change? And change again? And again? No problem. You can shift every item in a room around, and the HDL200 system will simply adjust. Move the tables, remove a few chairs, spread people out or move them closer together. IT never needs to get involved.

There’s also less to sanitize with Nureva audio. The HDL200 system is placed on a wall and never needs to be touched. There are no lapel mics to sanitize or tabletop mics to speak into. Everything stays clean and ready for the next people to enter the space.

We’ve also made managing your HDL200 systems much more flexible for the times. Once you download Nureva Console (coming soon!), you can manage all your audio products from anywhere – in the office or from your home. With Nureva Console, you also get firmware updates automatically, so your products improve over time. Get all the details.

Hear the difference

What’s the easiest way to find out if the HDL200 system is right for you? Hear it for yourself. That’s why we offer a 15-minute live, online demo where you can find out exactly what the system sounds like. You’ll also get your questions answered by one of our conferencing experts.

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