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Keep agile teams aligned with our new Jira® Software integration

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Aug 6, 2019 6:00:00 AM
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Since this post was published in August 2019, we've upped the power of this integration with new Jira-synced notes. Get the details.

For lots of developers (including our teams at Nureva), Jira Software has become essential. Many scrum teams would be a little lost without Jira to track all those stories, epics, bugs and more.

But as good as Jira is at helping teams stay on top of the details, seeing the big picture can still be tricky. That is, if you’re always looking at the trees (or the branches, or the leaves), you can totally miss what’s happening in the forest. That’s where Span™ Workspace comes in. It gives teams the space to visualize sprints and the tools to work together in real time – plus it’s incredibly simple to use.

And we’ve just made everything simpler. Introducing Jira integration with Span Workspace. Now teams can use huge Span canvases and responsive templates to plan work, nail down stories and map out how a sprint will take shape. Once the big picture work’s done, everything gets sent right to Jira.

There’s no more time wasted entering stories into Jira after the planning’s done. No hiccups when details get lost in translation. With this new integration, Span Workspace gives you the best of all worlds – simple digital tools that let you see the big picture but make it easy to track all the details in Jira.

Setting everything up

Jira integration is available to all Span Workspace users. There’s no extra cost or complicated hoops to jump through. But two simple things need to be done before your team can get started.

First, your Jira administrator creates an application link in Jira – you can read how in a quick step-by-step guide. Next, team members connect their Jira and Span Workspace accounts – here’s how. And that’s it – you’re ready to go.

Creating one Jira issue with a note

Ready to create your first Jira issue in Span Workspace? Just open a canvas on your phone or computer and create a note. Go ahead and get your whole team creating at the same time – Span Workspace is built for real-time work, so you won’t hit any snags.

As you create stories, bugs or more, team members will see everything that’s happening on their devices or a shared display. With full visibility into what’s happening, communication missteps are way less likely to derail your sprint later.

Everyone who enabled the integration can send a note to Jira at any time by clicking on the Jira icon. You’ll then be able to fill in extra details, like the type of issue, priority and project name. Click Send – you’ve now created a new Jira issue with a link that always brings you back to the Span canvas.

Using a Span Workspace note to create a Jira issue

Creating multiple Jira issues with a group

Groups in Span Workspace take Jira integration that much further. You can create flexible buckets for different epics, activities or stages. Then add in notes and use the same simple process to send the whole group to Jira at once. All the issues will be created simultaneously.

There’s no need to go into Jira and create issues one by one – or add details like priority and description over and over. (If you do need to adjust anything in Jira, that’s easy, too).

And no matter how you’re sending items to Jira, it’s easy to move back and forth between your tools. Notes and groups in Span Workspace have a link straight to the Jira issue, plus your Jira issue has a link that will bring you back to your Span canvas.

Creating multiple Jira issues from a group in Span Workspace

The best of all worlds

We’ve already heard excitement from agile teams about this new integration. Some are still using sticky notes or whiteboards to plan out sprints before switching over to Jira. They’ve stuck with paper because it feels simpler and more collaborative, but then someone (usually the scrum master) is always stuck having to add everything to Jira after the meeting. With Span Workspace, it’s as simple as a click – and everyone can see what’s happening.

Other teams have told us that they only use Jira Software. Without fail they get derailed during the planning phase by too many details when what they really need is more simplicity. A big picture tool like Span Workspace gives them the right amount of information and the right way to view it – and they don’t get stuck in the weeds.

But we’ve probably heard the most from the growing number of agile teams that are dispersed across cities or time zones. With Span Workspace, they’re recapturing the fluidity and collaborative drive that’s often missing when people are remote. When everyone can’t be physically in the same room, Span Workspace makes it feel like they are. With this new integration, hiring remote workers doesn’t have to be a trade off – you can be just as collaborative whether everyone’s in the room looking at a large display or logging in from anywhere.

Have you tried our Jira integration yet? We’d love to know what you think – just email support@nureva.com.

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