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Nureva® Console

Manage meeting room audio from anywhere


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Meet Nureva Console

Remotely install firmware updates, check device status, adjust settings, use developer tools to customize integrations with existing workflows and more – all from our secure, cloud-based platform. Included with every Nureva system.

Nureva Console — Remote management

Remote management

Easily access Nureva Console from the cloud to reduce the time and effort needed to manage your audio systems.
Nureva Console — Scalability


Whether you have 1 system or 10,000, it’s easy to configure and maintain all your devices from our single secure dashboard.
Nureva Console — Intelligent monitoring

Intelligent monitoring

A color-coded dashboard lets you instantly know the status of all your devices. Email alerts ensure you’ll always know if your attention is needed.
Nureva Console — Customized control

Customized control

Have it your way. Cloud-based APIs let you integrate your audio systems with existing workflows and third-party products.


An at-a-glance audio health check. Handy filters let you know the status of all your devices in an instant. Black: total devices. Green: all good. Yellow: warnings. Red: issues. You can feel confident about the readiness of your fleet and make fewer trips to meeting rooms or classrooms.

Nureva Console — Dashboard audio health check

Nureva Console — Dashboard audio health check

Nureva Console — Asset management

Asset management

With simple asset management for your audio devices, you have one less thing to worry about. Customize how you name and tag your devices for easy management and tracking. Model number, firmware version and real-time status are automatically tracked.

Nureva Console — Asset management tags

Firmware updates

Some tech products quickly become obsolete, but your Nureva systems keep getting better with new features and capabilities released regularly. Get firmware update alerts on your dashboard and by email, then bulk install them with just a click.

Nureva Console — Firmware updates

Nureva Console — Device settings

Device settings

Adjust the audio in each of your rooms from anywhere. Choose from speaker presets – meeting or classroom – or customize your settings. Adjust the microphone pickup zone. Toggle our new Voice Amplification Mode (beta). Choose settings for echo reduction, noise reduction and more.

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Developer Toolkit

Enabled by Nureva Console, the Nureva Developer Toolkit provides cloud-based APIs that let you create seamless integrations with your existing workflows and third-party products to access device information, update firmware, control settings and more.


Nureva Developer Toolkit

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Once you’ve purchased your system, here’s how to get started with Nureva Console.

How it works

1. Sign up

Enter your email to create your account.


2. Install

Install the client on the in-room PC connected to your Nureva system.


3. Enroll

Use the client-generated enrollment code to enroll your system in Nureva Console.

Nureva Console — Getting started


Online demo

Hear it live

To experience the Nureva audio difference, book a live online demo. To learn more about the features and benefits of Nureva Console, get a quick walkthrough in our demo video.

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HDL series

We’ve got you covered

Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system


For small spaces up to
18' x 18'  |  5.5 x 5.5 m

$1,599* US pricing

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Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system


For mid-size spaces up to
25' x 25'  |  7.6 x 7.6 m

$3,599* US pricing

Explore HDL300

Nureva Dual HDL300 audio conferencing system

Dual HDL300

For large spaces up to
30' x 50'  |  9.1 x 15.2 m

$6,699* US pricing

Explore Dual HDL300