Nureva Developer Toolkit - Cloud-based APIs for your audio systems

Nureva® Developer Toolkit

Cloud-based APIs for your audio systems


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Enabled by Nureva Console, the Nureva Developer Toolkit provides cloud-based APIs and support documentation to let you integrate your Nureva audio systems with your existing workflows and third-party products. You can automate firmware updates and customize how and where you access device information and audio settings. It’s all done securely through Microsoft® Azure’s cloud-based infrastructure.

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Customize audio controls

Increase meeting room user satisfaction by integrating volume, treble and bass controls for your audio systems into the applications they’re already using. Our flexible cloud-based APIs integrate with a wide range of platforms, including Intel Unite®, Zoom and Office® 365.

Team working with Nureva Developer Toolkit

Device management, simplified

Streamline how you manage your Nureva audio systems – in any number of rooms or locations – by using our APIs with your favorite applications to automate routine tasks, monitor the status of your devices and manage firmware updates.

Nureva Developer Toolkit tutorials


Get simple, step-by-step instructions for supported capabilities, like checking the status of all devices, changing the speaker volume, muting the microphone, updating device firmware, selecting the microphone pickup zone and more.

Our range of APIs keeps growing

Customize the HDL200 system display

Coming soon

Customize the HDL200 system display

Integrate the HDL200 system’s LCD display with your room booking system to show room availability and other relevant information. Configure the display to show your UC&C connection codes to make joining meetings a breeze.

Get insights from data analytics through Nureva Developer Toolkit

Coming soon

Get insights from data analytics

Use our APIs to collect data on audio quality, usage information, device availability and more. Connect the data to your preferred business intelligence software to optimize your audio performance and how you utilize your meeting spaces.

Nureva Console

Nureva Console

Easy audio management – from anywhere

Nureva Console is the secure cloud-based platform that lets you manage your Nureva audio conferencing systems from anywhere. Check device status, fine-tune audio settings, adjust the microphone pickup zone, activate voice amplification, update firmware and more. You can also access the Nureva Developer Toolkit – cloud-based APIs that let you create integrations for streamlining your workflows.


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