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Dual Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system in black
Dual Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system in white
Inside a Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system
Side view of a Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system
Back view of a Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system

Dual HDL300 system

Provides true full-room pickup in large spaces up to 30' x 50' (9.14 x 15.24 m). Powered by Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills a space with 16,384 virtual microphones. System processing capability is 25,000+ MIPS. Audio features include full-duplex transmission, continuous autocalibration, acoustic echo cancellation, built-in sound masking and position-based automatic gain control (AGC). Can be used as the primary audio source for video playback. Available in black or white.

US$5,499 MSRP*

Go big anyway you want

Large spaces used to require complicated and expensive multicomponent systems with many microphones. The Dual HDL300 provides exceptional performance with just two integrated microphone and speaker bars, so it costs a fraction of the price of traditional systems.

Large boardroom

Nureva Dual HDL300 audio conferencing system in large boardroom

No need for individual tabletop microphones. The Dual HDL300 system picks up the presenter, seated team members and even those away from the table.


Nureva Dual HDL300 audio conferencing system in classroom

From the front row to the back, everyone can be heard in and HDL300-equipped classroom. Even the presenter is picked up, so they won't need an individual microphone.

Large flex room

Nureva Dual HDL300 audio conferencing system in large flex room

Micing a flex room with a traditional audio conferencing system can be difficult and expensive. And changing the room configuration would mean changing your system. The Dual HDL300 system autocalibrates so you reconfigure your room as often as you like.


Microphone Mist technology

Patent-pending Microphone Mist technology is the brains behind the HDL300 system. While traditional beamforming and tabletop omnidirectional and technologies leave dead zones where people can’t be heard, Microphone Mist technology fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones to deliver true full-room pickup. For the first time, team members can be heard no matter where they move in the room or which direction they face.

Easy to use. Easy on the budget.

16,384 virtual microphones

16,384 virtual microphones

The HDL300 system’s Microphone Mist technology fills a room with 16,384 virtual microphones so everyone can be heard, no matter where they move in the room.

Easy installation

Easy installation

You can install the Dual HDL300 in less than 60 minutes. No technician required. Use your preferred UC&C platform. There are no drivers to install.

A fraction of the cost

A fraction of the cost

Delivers high-quality audio in large rooms for much less than conventional systems. And the system automatically calibrates so no technician is required.

Speakers for all your audio needs

While some traditional conference call microphone systems ask you to purchase and install separate speakers, the HDL300 system includes two integrated 20 watt speakers designed for meeting spaces. They provide clear, high-performance output for audio conferencing and all your in-room audio needs, including from external devices.

Perfectly simple

Install the microphone and speaker bar, run a cable to the connect module and another to a computer with UC&C software and you’re ready.

What’s included

Integrated microphone and speaker bar (x2)
Connect module, white
Connect module mounting bracket
Country-specific, power cable, 6' (2 m), black
AAA batteries (x2)

Ethernet cable, CAT6 SSTP, 50' (15 m), Class 3 rated, black (x2)
USB Type A-B cable, 6' (2 m), VW-1 rated, black
Infrared remote
Documentation kit

Award-winning tech

The HDL300 system is built on completely new technology and delivers exceptional performance. No wonder it’s captured six industry awards. See them all here.

  • Product Innovation Award

    Excellence in Product Innovation – Trailblazing Innovation category. From the National Systems Contractors Association.

  • Best of ISE

    Best of ISE 2018 – Best Audio Conferencing Product. From rAVe Publications for Nureva Dual HDL300 system.

  • Top New Technology

    Top New Technology – Unified Communication and Collaboration Audio Components. Presented at ISE 2018.



A virtual microphone is an individual “pickup point” created when two or more physical microphones (there are 12 in an HDL300 bar) work together, through proprietary processing algorithms, to focus their pickup patterns on a configurable zone. Thanks to advanced processing power, the HDL300’s Microphone Mist technology listens to each virtual microphone simultaneously, and chooses the predominant sounds and optimizes them for clear conversations.

When two people talk at the same time, the HDL300 system focuses on the stronger signal (the louder voice), while the other voice drops into the background. The effect is as if you were standing in the room close to the stronger talker, but are also aware that someone else is speaking at the same time.

The system monitors and adjusts to the location of a person speaking 10 times per second.


Yes, but please note that many UC&C (unified communications and collaboration) systems do not provide optimal stereo performance.

No integration is required. The HDL300 system is a standard audio device and is automatically recognized as such. UC&C application controls (for volume and muting) work automatically with the HDL300 system.

The HDL300 system is quick and easy to install. It takes less than 30 minutes, including routing the cables. The microphone and speaker bar hangs on the wall on two screws and connects to the breakout box via a PoE cable (included). The connect module can also be mounted on the wall, under a table or wherever is convenient. It is connected to a power source and to your computer via a USB cable (included).

The HDL300 system is very easy to deploy. It calibrates automatically at set up and throughout its use. The system senses and adjusts to changes in room characteristics automatically. No technician is required to set up or maintain the system.

The HDL300 system will work with any system that accepts clean, echo-canceled input for audio. The product supplies audio through USB or 3.5mm auxiliary in and out ports on the connect module.

The HDL300 system is currently available in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. A detailed list of countries can be found here. We plan to expand to additional global markets in 2018.

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*Price represents the manufacturer’s recommended selling price in North America in U.S. currency. Price excludes applicable taxes and shipping. Dealers may sell for a different price. Dealers may charge additional administration and installation fees, which may vary by dealer. Prices in other countries will differ. Please contact your local dealer or Nureva Inc. for a detailed quote. Equipment, specifications and price are subject to change without notice.