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Nureva Room Manager

Precision controls and effortless upgrades for your HDL300 system.

Your room, your devices, your way

The Nureva Room Manager lets you customize your audio experience to exactly suit your room, style of meeting, personal preference and third-party devices. It also allows you to quickly recalibrate the HDL300 system and adjust the auxiliary ports and microphone and speaker settings.

Nureva Room Manager microphone settings

Microphone settings

Adjust the system’s default microphone input volume. Switch between mono and stereo microphone pickup.

Nureva Room Manager speaker settings

Speaker settings

Adjust output volume, treble and bass. Select mono or stereo speaker output. The test button sends a tone through the system to test speaker performance.

Nureva Room Manager auxiliary ports

Auxiliary ports

Connect to third-party devices and control signals sent through the audio ports. Aux in allows additional audio sources (e.g., laptop) to be output through the HDL300 speakers. Aux out lets you select levels for microphone out, feed external in-room speakers or mix the microphone and speaker signals for hearing aid transmitters and other devices.


Fast calibration

Click fast calibrate to quickly set optimal calibration levels (the HDL300 system will continue to autocalibrate when in use).

The latest and greatest

With Nureva Room Manager, updates and upgrades can be automatically installed so there’s no need to book time or hire a technician to ensure youre always up to date with the latest features. And because the system is constantly autocalibrating, it’s always delivering optimal performance.

We’re continually improving the performance and capabilities of the HDL300 system’s Microphone Mist™ technology, so your system will evolve over time to deliver expanded features and capabilities – month after month, year after year.

Hearing is believing

You'll hear the difference, and we’ll answer all your questions in our live, 10-minute demo.

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