Nureva Room Manager

Audio conferencing tools

Precision controls and effortless upgrades for your HDL300 and Dual HDL300 systems

Easy setup

Easy setup

Quickly get your audio conferencing systems up and running. Everything you need to set up and customize your HDL300 and Dual HDL300 is in one place.
Hassle-free upgrades

Hassle-free upgrades

Always have the latest features – without needing to book time or hire a technician. Updates and upgrades can be automatically installed.

Fully configurable sound

Adjust your auxiliary ports and microphone and speaker settings to meet your needs. When you have to reconfigure a room, it’s simple to change the setup.

Auxiliary ports

Nureva Room Manager auxiliary port controls

Connect to third-party devices and control signals sent through auxiliary ports. Additional audio sources like laptops can be played through the HDL300 speakers. You can also select levels for the microphone out signal, accommodate hearing aid transmitters and more.

Microphone settings

Nureva Room Manager microphone controls

Speaker settings

Nureva Room Manager speakers controls

Fast calibration

Audio manager audio processing

Hearing is believing

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