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You’re up to date and in control

We’re always improving the HDL300 systems and Microphone Mist™ technology. Nureva Room Manager offers you the latest features and updates automatically. It also allows you precision control of audio settings, inputs, outputs and Active Zone Control.

Nureva Room Manager - Easy setup

Easy setup

Quickly get your audio conferencing systems up and running. Everything you need to set up and customize your HDL300 and Dual HDL300 is in one place.
Nureva Room Manager - Hassle-free upgrades

Hassle-free upgrades

Always have the latest features – without needing to book time or hire a technician. Updates and upgrades can be automatically installed.
Nureva Room Manager - Fully configurable sound

Fully configurable sound

Adjust your auxiliary ports and microphone and speaker settings to meet your needs. When you have to reconfigure a room, it’s simple to change the setup.

New feature: Active Zone Control

Active Zone Control targets the HDL300 system’s virtual microphones to provide front-of-room focus during presentations or lectures. You get enhanced pickup of the presenter with less noise from the audience. And the presenter can move freely in the active zone without a headset or lapel microphone.

Nureva Room Manager interface for active zone control

Feature list

Connect to third-party devices and control signals sent through auxiliary ports. Additional audio sources such as laptops can be played through the HDL300 system speakers. You can also select levels for the microphone out signal, accommodate hearing aid transmitters and more.

Adjust input setting: low to high. Select pickup setting: mono or stereo.

Adjust output settings: volume, treble and bass. Select speaker output: mono or stereo. Conduct test: plays test audio. 

Instantly set optimal calibration levels for any room configuration. The HDL300 system also continuously autocalibrates when in use.

Remotely control settings and schedule and install software and firmware updates.

For use during presentations or lectures, Active Zone Control aims the HDL300 system’s virtual microphones to provide front-of-room focus. This means you get better pickup of a presenter while you hear less noise from the audience. It also frees the presenter from using a headset or handheld or lapel microphone and lets them move freely in the active zone.

Nureva Room Manager feature device management for HDL300 audio systems
Remote control

Device management

A new feature of Nureva Room Manager, device management makes it easy for IT and systems administrators to remotely control and manage settings on all your HDL300 systems. You can also remotely configure software and schedule firmware updates.


Yes. Download it here

Once you’ve downloaded Room Manager, just click on the “Nu” icon in your system tray.  You can also access it from the Start menu – search “Nureva Room Manager.” As well, it can be found in your install directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nureva\Nureva Manager/NurevaManagerApp.exe.

Room Manager allows you to control a wide variety of HDL300 system settings. 

Microphone – input volume, microphone pickup 

Speakers – output volume, treble, bass, speaker output

Auxiliary ports – auxiliary output, sleep mode

Audio processing – launch fast calibration, echo reduction, noise reduction, backup current settings, restore backed-up settings, reset to factory settings

Yes, by using the device management feature in Nureva Room Manager. Learn more here.

Yes, through the device management feature. Learn more here.

Updates are typically available on a quarterly release cycle.

In Nureva Room Manager, go to Audio > Tools > Active Zone Control then just drag the arrows on the room diagram.

Nureva Room Manager can be configured with any tool that will write content to the Windows® registry. For convenience, we have provided a GPO file to do the configuration.  Learn more here.

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