Less is more.

Goodbye complicated, multicomponent installs. One or two easy-to-install Nureva® microphone and speaker bars give you the full-room coverage you need and deserve.

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  • Meeting space
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Which would you choose?

There are two approaches to installing audio conferencing systems.


The easy way

If you can find audio for larger spaces that’s easier to install than Nureva, we’d like to know. A 30-minute job with no special skills or tools and just one or two cables to run is hard to beat. One more thing: our technology autocalibrates so your rooms are instantly ready.


The complex way

Days. That’s how long your room could be offline while having a customized, multicomponent audio system installed. There’s also the expense (and hassle) of hiring the design engineer, programmers, installers and technicians to make sure everything comes together.

The value of simplicity

We’ve simplified every part of audio conferencing, including installation. There’s no need for specialized knowledge or outside technicians, so the savings can really add up.

Some traditional systems require you or a technician to run complicated design software to determine the number and location of components. With Nureva, there are fewer components to install – just one microphone and speaker bar for most rooms, two for larger spaces. And you can hang your system on almost any wall in the room.

Invasive ceiling installations of multiple components or having to drill through concrete walls can really add to installation time and budget of a traditional system. You hang each device on the wall with two screws. Then you run one or two cables to the connect module and computer and you’re done.

Continuous autocalibration means there’s no need for specialized knowledge or outside technicians to calibrate your audio. Your rooms are always ready – on start-up or any time you reconfigure a space. At no additional cost.

Our Intelligent Sound Targeting feature limits the noise from fans and HVAC so there’s no need for specialized installations away from unwanted sound sources. Active Zone Control lets you easily adjust the pickup zone yourself so you (or a technician) don’t have to move or re-aim microphones. And our Voice Amplification Mode easily enables in-room amplification of a presenter without the cost or hassle of bringing in new gear or adjusting existing gear.

Installation by the numbers

Person icon

1 person

Installing Nureva is a simple, one-person project. That can mean big savings versus traditional systems that may require the expense and hassle of hiring multiple outside technicians.
Screw icon

2 screws

Traditional systems may require an intrusive in-ceiling installation of multiple components and cables. But it takes just two screws and one cable to install one of our systems on the wall.
Stopwatch icon

30 minutes

Installing each of our integrated microphone and speaker bars takes about 30 minutes. Compare that with a traditional in-ceiling system that could take your room offline for days.

So quick. So easy.

How quick? You can install a Nureva system in about the time it takes to get a pizza. How easy? Just watch.


“It’s a simple, straightforward system. I don’t have to worry about a bunch of components or calibration as I would with a more complicated system. And installation was quick and easy.”

– Raymond Ng, IT manager, Real Time Innovations

Microphone Mist technology

Microphone MistTM

Virtual mics mean real savings on installation

We developed our Microphone MistTM technology to solve the problem of poor audio for remote callers. But a technology that fills a room with thousands of virtual microphones also eliminates the need for customized arrangements of multiple components – often involving difficult ceiling installations. Hanging one Nureva device (or two for extra-large spaces) on the wall gives you the full-room coverage and clear, reliable audio you need, without the hassles and expense.


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Seamless integrations

With certifications from Microsoft® Teams and Barco ClickShare, a collaboration with Logitech and simple integrations with dozens of other platforms, we make it easy for you to get started by using the tools you know and trust.

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Nureva Console

Nureva Console

Easy to start up – just as easy to use

Easy as 1, 2, 3Sign up by entering your email to create an account

Easy as 1, 2, 3Install the client application on the in-room PC connected to your system

Easy as 1, 2, 3Enroll your system by using the client-generated enrollment code

Now you’re ready to go with capabilities like installing firmware updates and monitoring and adjusting your systems from anywhere. You can also get email alerts and gain access to developer tools for customizing integrations.

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