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Stories of active learning

Leading universities and colleges choose Nureva to strengthen student engagement and develop job-ready skills. Discover how the Nureva™ Wall and Span™ software support collaboration, problem solving, design thinking and more.

Missouri University students using Nureva Wall and Span software

Collaboration anywhere

Collaboration is an essential part of the student experience at the University of Missouri’s College of Education. With Nureva solutions, students and teachers have the tools to work effectively together in the classroom or at a distance.

Dawson College students using Nureva Wall and Span software

Amped up active learning

Educators at Dawson College are at the forefront of active learning research. Discover how a record-breaking eight Nureva Walls helped them create an active learning space like no other – and the incredible results they’re seeing.

Delft University students using Nureva Wall and Span software

Modernized learning spaces

TU Delft is focused on modernizing its learning spaces and training students to be problem solvers. Find out how the university is helping students make their collaborative processes more efficient and dynamic.

Macromedia University student using Nureva Wall and Span software

Design thinking enhanced

At Macromedia, design thinking helps students prepare for the changing digital world. See how students are swapping paper sticky notes for flexible digital tools, helping them evolve their ideas and work creatively together.

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