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HDL300 system now certified for Microsoft Teams

Tricia Whenham
By Tricia Whenham on Jan 12, 2021 1:15:00 AM
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HDL300 system now certified for Microsoft Teams

We’re excited to share some big Nureva® audio news today. Our HDL300 audio conferencing system has just been certified for Microsoft® Teams, making it the first microphone and speaker bar that Microsoft has certified for large rooms. It’s an ideal choice for organizations that need to bring clear and consistent audio to their Teams Rooms and other meeting spaces, without the need for expensive multicomponent setups.

Though all Nureva audio conferencing systems have been thoroughly tested to work well with leading UC&C platforms, including Teams, the HDL300 is the first that has undergone Microsoft’s rigorous testing process to achieve official certification.

Unlike other audio conferencing products that rely on complex arrays of beamforming or omnidirectional mics, the HDL300 uses patented Microphone Mist™ technology to fill rooms with thousands of virtual microphones (8,192, to be exact). This means that no matter where you sit or which direction you face, there’s always a microphone nearby.

Thanks to Microphone Mist technology, it’s possible to provide full-room coverage for Teams calls just by hanging the HDL300 system on the wall. Then all that’s left to do is connect it to your in-room PC, set it as the default audio device and you’re ready to go. Installing the system takes less than 30 minutes – no specialized technicians required.

And it’s just as easy for team members to use the HDL300 system. When a Teams meetings is started, Nureva audio just works. There are no delays or hassles, and no need for anyone to troubleshoot before the meeting can begin.

Meeting with Nureva audio and Microsoft Teams

Built for the new reality

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more organizations and schools have been relying on Microsoft Teams to stay connected. Daily active Microsoft Teams users climbed to over 115 million at the end of October – and the number just keeps growing. And more than 230,000 education institutions are using Teams for remote and hybrid learning.

As people return to the office and the classroom, there’s a recognition that many in-person meetings and classes will continue to have remote participants for the foreseeable future. The HDL300 system (along with all our systems) is ideally suited to this new normal. Because Nureva offers true full-room audio coverage, everyone can be heard no matter how distanced they are in the space.

With Nureva audio, no extra complications are waiting for you around the corner. When new health regulations require your spaces to be reconfigured, the HDL300 just adapts. There’s no need to make system adjustments or install new components – continuous autocalibration means the HDL300 does the work for you.

There’s also less to sanitize with the HDL300 system. After you’ve hung it on the wall, it never needs to be touched again. There are no mics to wear or share, and nothing that requires people to gather close together to be heard. Your room will always be ready for the next meeting or class.

Things are changing fast these days. But combining Microsoft Teams and Nureva audio is an easy way to keep everyone working together in the new normal – and to stay prepared for whatever comes next.

Hear the difference

What’s the easiest way to find out if the HDL300 system is right for your Teams meetings? Hear it for yourself. That’s why we offer a 15-minute live, online demo where you can find out exactly what the system sounds like. You’ll also get your questions answered by one of our conferencing experts.

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