Microphone Mist – Virtual microphone

A virtual microphone is an individual “pickup point” created when two or more physical microphones work together to focus their sound pickup on a distinct zone. Microphone Mist technology listens to each virtual mic simultaneously and optimizes each one for a natural listening experience.

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Microphone Mist technology provides true full-room coverage while a traditional beamforming system may leave dead zones where people can’t be heard.

Microphone Mist technology
Beamforming room coverage
Microphone Mist room coverage
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Advanced features

Position-based gain control, continuous autocalibration, full-duplex, acoustic echo cancellation, and more.
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Evolving platform

With a history of one groundbreaking innovation after another, you can count on our solutions to constantly improve.
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Patented innovation

One-of-a-kind technology platform with multiple patents from the US and EU patent and trademark offices.
Nureva audio — Intelligent Sound Targeting (IST)

Intelligent Sound Targeting

IST preemptively identifies unwanted sounds, like HVAC, and simply stops picking them up. It’s kind of amazing. And completely unique.

Nureva audio - Designed for hybrid

Designed for hybrid

Ready for hybrid? Microphone Mist technology lets everyone be heard in meetings and classes — whether in the room or remote. And Nureva® audio automatically adapts if you reconfigure a space.



Get true full-room pickup that lets remote participants feel like they’re in the room.



Install a system in under an hour. And autocalibration means your room is instantly and always ready.



Nureva Console lets you easily manage and adjust your audio devices from anywhere.

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Why Nureva audio

True full-room coverage.
Easy installation.
Manage from anywhere.

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