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HDL310 now shipping! Pro AV performance in a plug and play solution.

Tricia Whenham
By Tricia Whenham on May 24, 2023 6:00:00 AM
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HDL310 now shipping! Pro AV performance in a plug and play solution.

The day has finally arrived! We’re thrilled to share that the Nureva® HDL310 audio conferencing system is now shipping.

This newest member of our product family is the answer to a simple question – why shouldn’t audio solutions for large meeting rooms and classrooms be easy and offer pro AV performance? With the HDL310, you get the audio quality you need for the best hybrid meetings and classes without adding layers of complexity that eat up valuable IT time and resources.

The HDL310 joins our system for extra-large rooms, the HDL410, in offering great audio performance in a plug and play solution. Like all our devices, it’s powered by our patented Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills rooms with thousands of virtual mics so voices are picked up everywhere. But because the HDL310 has superior processing power and expanded memory, you unlock even more advanced audio capabilities in our technology.

Connect module – with Console Direct

Our new connect module is the brains behind this next-level audio performance. Here’s James – our director, product management – to tell you more.


This new connect module makes the HDL310 ideal for the realities of our hybrid world. With it, IT teams know that their rooms are equipped with consistent, reliable audio, so hybrid work and learning don’t get hijacked by technical problems. There’s no guessing as to whether voices will be picked up clearly or whether remote people will be stuck with a subpar experience. People joining from home can fully participate in meetings and classes, and everything feels natural and productive.

With IT-friendly features like Console Direct, IT teams can also maximize their resources. Console Direct offers a secure, 24/7 network connection to Nureva Console without the need for an in-room PC.

It’s easy to ensure that all systems are up to date with the latest features, without ever having to go from room to room. You can also adjust settings, troubleshoot issues and look at room metrics – all from a cloud-based platform that doesn’t require software to be downloaded.

Voice Amplification Mode – with audience mute

Another hybrid-friendly feature we’ve included with our HDL310 and HDL410 systems is Voice Amplification Mode with audience mute. Here’s how it helps create a better experience for those people in the room without compromising the remote listening experience.


Voice Amplification Mode lets you easily support both in-room and remote people in hybrid meetings and classes. And with the option of audience mute, presenters have an easy way to tailor the hybrid experience, switching between full-room pickup and presenter-only pickup with the click of a button.

Audio that’s ready for anything

These are just two of the ways the HDL310 system is supporting IT teams with audio that’s incredibly easy to set up, manage and deploy at scale – helping to make hybrid working and learning a success.

And there’s one more advantage to choosing Nureva audio. Because Microphone Mist technology is built on scalable architecture, we’re always working to enhance our algorithms and audio capabilities. This means the HDL310 system you buy today will only get better with time.


Hear for yourself

Hear what other IT pros have been hearing – book a live, online HDL310 demo. In just 15 minutes, you can find out exactly how the system sounds in a standard meeting room. You’ll get all your questions answered, and there’s no hard sell – we want you to see if the HDL310 is right for you.

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Editor’s note: This post was originally published May 2023 and has been updated.

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