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New in Nureva Console: CV30 camera support and easier room management

Tricia Whenham
By Tricia Whenham on Mar 3, 2022 6:00:00 AM
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New in Nureva Console: CV30 camera support and easier room management

Keeping multiple hybrid classrooms and meeting rooms running smoothly isn’t always easy. Having the right IT tools to see the bigger picture can help. That’s why we’re regularly adding Nureva® Console features that support IT teams as they create and maintain great hybrid spaces.

If you haven’t heard, Nureva Console is our secure, cloud-based platform that makes it easy to manage and monitor your Nureva products. You can install updates, change settings, access analytics and more – from anywhere. Here are a couple of the latest time-saving additions.

Nureva CV30 camera and management tools

CV30 camera management tools

Nureva XT is our new integrated solution for hybrid, HyFlex and extended classrooms. It combines our full-room audio system with a camera designed specifically for education, plus adds enhanced support and services through Nureva Pro.

The CV30 camera was inspired by educators who told us what they needed in the classroom. It includes a field of view that covers the entire front of the room, three camera presets and an auto-tracking mode – all to give remote students the ability to see both the instructor and the whiteboard as if they were right there in the classroom.

When we created Nureva XT, our mission was to build a solution that worked together seamlessly, so the focus could stay on teaching, not tech wrangling. But we also knew that making it easy for IT to manage at scale was just as important.

With the latest additions to Nureva Console, you can manage the CV30 camera just as you manage your Nureva audio systems. It’s easy to spot issues using the color-coded dashboard so you can address them right away. Plus you’ll always know if you have the latest firmware installed.

Room management features

Knowledge is power – but when you’re part of an IT team managing a lot of rooms, keeping everyone informed can be tricky. That’s why we’ve made it simpler to understand exactly how each of your spaces is functioning.

Our new room management view lets you see at a glance which audio and video devices are in each of your classrooms or meeting rooms. You can name and classify your spaces – selecting type and capacity from a drop-down menu – and create custom tags to make searching and sorting simpler. Team members can also add notes to share details about room setup or adjustments.

With this new view, it’s easy to monitor both your audio and video devices, without having to switch between screens. You can also see a background noise reading and make adjustments if needed (although our Intelligent Sound Targeting and continuous autocalibration will take care of most background noise issues).

Are you a customer who hasn’t enrolled devices in Nureva Console yet? It’s easy to do – plus it’s free with every Nureva purchase. And if you have Nureva XT, when you enroll your Nureva audio system, the CV30 camera is automatically added. Create your account today.


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