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Microphone Mist technology recognized by Frost & Sullivan for major award

Tricia Whenham
By Tricia Whenham on Feb 3, 2021 9:00:00 AM
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Microphone Mist technology recognized by Frost & Sullivan for major award

Each year, the world-renowned analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes companies that have truly accomplished a disruptive breakthrough in their industry. The evaluation process is rigorous, judging organizations on how well they’ve met 10 criteria in technology leverage and business impact.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to share that this year, Nureva has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award.

With this award, Frost & Sullivan’s analysts recognize the brains behind every Nureva® audio solution – Microphone Mist™ technology. This patented technology is radically changing the audio conferencing space, making it possible to get full-room audio coverage that always picks up voices, no matter where people move in a room or which direction they face – without the need for complex multicomponent setups or handheld microphones.

Download your copy of Frost & Sullivan’s full report to find out what makes  Microphone Mist technology a disruptive force in conferencing.


Report highlights


Hybrid is here to stay

While COVID-19 may have forced organizations to step on the accelerator, hybrid work and hybrid learning were on the rise before the pandemic hit. So even when COVID-19 is in our rearview mirror, Frost & Sullivan is confident that the need for better conferencing tools will continue to grow.

In this report, analysts share their findings on the growth trajectory of the audio video collaboration market. They also explain the biggest current frustrations with hybrid work and learning – including why audio quality continues to be a major concern – and how Nureva has stepped up to address these challenges in a completely novel way.


Frost & Sullivan analyst describes Microphone Mist technology


Unique industry-leading audio

Frost & Sullivan explain that the Nureva difference comes down to a patented innovation all its own – Microphone Mist technology. It fills a room with thousands of audio pickup points – called virtual microphones – to achieve true full-room coverage, without needing a setup that’s expensive and complex. The listening experience feels natural, for everyone who’s joining a meeting room or classroom remotely.

The report breaks down what makes this technology so innovative, including the use of sophisticated algorithms to listen to each virtual mic simultaneously and optimize it. Microphone Mist technology also allows for continuous autocalibration, which means there’s never a need to manually recalibrate when a room’s layout changes.

How Nureva compares

The report pits Nureva’s patented technology against one of the most widely available alternatives – beamforming technology. This traditional approach can leave dead zones, resulting in situations where someone’s voice drops off or rises sharply when they are between defined spaces in the room. Nureva solves this issue with vastly better coverage that eliminates dead zones throughout.

Intelligent sound targeting (IST) – another feature of Microphone Mist technology – also upends the status quo of using post-sound filters to suppress unwanted noise. Instead, IST takes a pre-sound approach to preemptively identify unwanted sounds and then simply stop picking them up.


Frost & Sullivan analyst explains how Nureva is pushing audio conferencing boundaries


Pushing the boundaries of conferencing

Find out exactly why Frost & Sullivan pegs Microphone Mist technology as an audio conferencing breakthrough. In the full report, you’ll read how Nureva’s unique approach leaps past beamforming technology, plus all the advantages that offers. Download it today (no email address required).

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