Collaboration tools
for higher education

Strengthen engagement and develop career-ready skills

Collaboration tools
for higher education

Strengthen engagement and develop career-ready skills

Collaboration tools
for higher education

Strengthen engagement and develop career-ready skills

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“It has just been incredible to see how both of the Nureva systems have inspired new ideas and solutions related to teaching and learning while reaching new audiences that have been limited by geography, finances or human resources.”


– Kathryn Chval
Dean, University of Missouri College of Education

Adaptable solutions for all
your active learning spaces

Collaboration. Problem solving. Critical thinking. Students entering the workforce need these skills more than ever, but they’re hard to develop in a traditional lecture hall. Nureva solutions are built for a different kind of college and university experience – one that replaces passive listening with active learning. Find out how Nureva can equip your students for future success.

Nureva Wall and Span Workspace in higher education classroom

Create transformative learning spaces

Engineer your campus spaces for collaboration. The Nureva™ Wall and Span™ Workspace create huge interactive surfaces on your walls, perfect for project teams to brainstorm ideas, visualize plans, sketch out concepts and track progress.

Student using Nureva Span Workspace on a mobile device

Engage all learners

Turn devices into tools for active learning. It’s easy for students to trade theories and pose questions using the multitouch Nureva Wall or their own devices. And with QuickShare, even people without a Span subscription can contribute to class discussions.

Student using Nureva Span Workspace on a laptop

Extend the classroom

Take learning beyond classroom walls. With the HDL300 audio conferencing systems and Span Workspace, traveling professors or under-the-weather students can join class remotely and feel like they’re right in the room. Plus connecting with other institutions or bringing in outside experts virtually is a snap.

“The shared digital wall really forces participants into a shared mindset. Talking about the same thing and understanding the same thing is crucial to communicate, cooperate and collaborate with each other.”

– Piet van der Zanden
Education Expert AV-IT in Learning Spaces, Delft University of Technology

Ways you can use Span Workspace

Collaborative project work

Higher education active learning space

A group of five students is working hard to design a new scholarship app. Whether they’re doing market research or sketching prototypes, all the students can use Span Workspace on their own laptops and phones to collaborate and stay on track.

Visualizing complex concepts

Visualizing complex concepts canvas in Nureva Span Workspace

As this kinesiology student completes a research project on concussions, he needs better ways to visualize his learning. A Span canvas makes it simple for him to organize his ideas, strengthen his understanding and share everything with the rest of his class.

Active class discussions

Active class discussions canvas in Nureva Span Workspace

Increasing participation in her first-year literature classes is this professor’s mission. While leading a novel discussion, she uses a shared canvas to gather student input. Every contribution can be seen on the Nureva Wall, and even introverted students find it easier to join in.

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