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Are you adding audio and video to your learning spaces or meeting rooms? You’ll need solutions designed for flexibility and engagement – that don’t require compromises.

We offer the simplest and most cost-effective way to equip your spaces for distance learning, virtual PD, hybrid meetings and more. With our patented Microphone Mist™ technology, voices are picked up in every inch of a space. There’s no need to settle for a complicated multicomponent setup or an underpowered system that leaves teachers stuck at the front of the room and students unheard. Instead, you have everything your in-person and remote participants need – in one powerful package.

Be heard everywhere icon

Be heard everywhere

Full-room audio coverage means every voice in the room is picked up clearly, no matter where people sit or move. Remote participants won’t miss a thing.
Easy and adaptable icon

Easy and adaptable

Installation is quick and simple. There are no mics to keep charged and sanitized. And if you rearrange your space, the audio system automatically adjusts.
Ready for the future icon

Ready for the future

Change happens fast, so our systems are built to adapt. And thanks to regular firmware updates, the product you buy today will only get better over time.

Microphone Mist Technology

Classroom audio, evolved

Our groundbreaking Microphone Mist technology fills a space with thousands of virtual microphones, so everyone can be heard, from everywhere. It’s the brains behind every Nureva® audio system.

Meet Nureva XT

Nureva XT

Integrated audio and video for learning spaces

Need to go beyond audio? Meet Nureva XT. It combines our innovative audio system with a 4K classroom camera and value-added services. Choose between two sizes – Nureva XT standard and Nureva XT large – that will help you extend learning, now and in the future.

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Integrated speakers that create connections

Nureva HDL300 audio conferencing system speakers

Better conversations

Hear remote participants clearly with built-in 20-watt speakers, making it easier to keep everyone involved and engaged from anywhere.

Clear playback

Play multimedia material like videos and recordings directly through our audio system, avoiding the need to use underpowered display speakers.

Flexible placement

Enjoy the flexibility to install your Nureva system exactly where it needs to go, so audio can be heard throughout the entire classroom.
Audio solutions for education guide

Audio solutions
for education

8 audio must-haves for distance learning

8 audio must-haves
for distance learning

Virtual meetings and PD | Teachers working remote

Virtual meetings and PD

Save time and resources by turning administrative meetings hybrid. Staff can skip the trip to the school or district office, making it easier to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. Nureva is also ideal for virtual professional development. Districts can tap into a wider range of speakers and programs – plus save on travel expenses – without compromising the learning experience for teachers.

Distance learning | Students working in room and remote

Distance learning

Open up a world of opportunities for your students. With Nureva, they can join class remotely – on a short-term or long-term basis. Teachers can teach in multiple schools simultaneously, delivering speciality courses or filling staffing gaps. And classes can go on virtual field trips around the world. No matter the scenario, the result is in natural, engaged learning without geographical constraints.

Gilbert Public Schools classroom with HDL300
Case study

Gilbert Public Schools

This Arizona district is doing campus-to-campus distance learning to give students more course options. Read how Nureva audio met their criteria for value, microphone coverage and simplicity.

Santa Clara Unified School District | students in class and remote using HDL300
Case study

Santa Clara Unified School District

From the classroom to the boardroom, better audio can help districts stay prepared. Find out how this district is incorporating hybrid meetings, virtual PD and more.

Nauset Public Schools students in class and remote using HDL300
Case study

Nauset Public Schools

Hybrid meetings offer new ways to connect parents, staff and the larger community – but they aren’t without challenges. Discover how this Massachusetts district is making them more effective.

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Voice Amplification Mode in K–12 education

Voice Amplification Mode

Give teacher audio a lift

Make it easy for people in the room to hear a teacher or presenter – without compromising the audio experience for those who are remote. Just connect a wireless headset microphone system to our HDL300, Dual HDL300 or HDL410, and the speaker’s voice can be broadcast through our speakers. Remote participants will still hear all voices in the room, thanks to our full-room audio coverage.

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Nureva Console

Nureva Console

Manage from anywhere

Nureva Console (included with your purchase) makes it easy to remotely manage all your devices. Install firmware updates, check device status, change settings, gather usage data and more – all from a secure cloud-based platform. Nureva Console also gives you access to a range of versatile APIs.

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We’ve got you covered

We have a range of systems to meet your school or district needs – today and in the future. It takes just 15 minutes to hear exactly how Nureva audio sounds, plus get your questions answered by one of our experts. Book your demo today.

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