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Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system now shipping globally

By Shari-Lynn Sare on Jun 23, 2020 1:00:00 AM
Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system now shipping globally

4,096 virtual microphones provide full-room coverage to easily accommodate physical distancing requirements and ensure remote participants can hear every word

Calgary, Alberta --- June 23, 2020 --- Nureva Inc., an innovator in advanced audio conferencing solutions, is now shipping its HDL200 audio conferencing system, the newest addition to the company’s line of audio conferencing products. Designed for rooms and open spaces up to 18' x 18' (5.5 x 5.5 m), the HDL200 system delivers the same consistent and reliable audio pickup that Nureva’s award-winning HDL300 systems deliver for larger spaces. All Nureva® audio systems are powered by patented Microphone Mist™ technology, which fills the entire space with thousands of virtual microphones so that everybody can be heard no matter how far apart in-room meeting participants are, how softly they talk or which direction they face. Unlike beamforming and tabletop omnidirectional microphones, there are no dead zones in the room where it is difficult to be heard. The system was designed for quick DIY installation. It can be mounted above or below a display, on either a wall or a mobile stand. An optional magnetic mount is also available for attaching third-party cameras to the system. The HDL200 also has a built-in LCD to give in-room participants helpful information such as time, volume and mute on/off. Further enhancements will roll out through future integrations with other products such as room control, building information management and room booking systems.

Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system

Nureva continues to experience rapid growth by delivering the simple, reliable audio conferencing experience that customers are looking for. The unique value of Microphone Mist technology provides freedom for in-room participants to spread out, face any direction and move around the space. Remote participants can hear the conversation clearly and naturally contribute as if they were in the room. And continuous autocalibration means fewer room visits for IT staff. Nureva’s audio product line includes the HDL200 for small spaces, the HDL300 for medium spaces up to 25' x 25' (7.6 x 7.6 m) and the Dual HDL300 for large spaces up to 30' x 50' (9.1 x 15.2 m). Deployment of the full Nureva audio conferencing product line is supported by Nureva Console, a cloud-based platform that makes it easy for IT staff to implement and manage all Nureva systems at scale from a secure, web-based dashboard. Once a Nureva audio system is enrolled through Nureva Console, customers also receive an additional year of warranty, an increase from two years to three.

“I am one of the early users of the HDL200 system, which I’ve been using in my home office since early April, and I’ve been impressed with the system’s clear audio pickup,” said John Simpson, chairman of the CANA Group of Companies. “I am no longer wondering what people are saying, because I can hear everyone on the call crystal clear.”

“The HDL200 is an elegant solution that brings great audio quality into your conference calls while giving the user a simple ease-of-use experience,” said Paul Lemyre, DataVisual’s senior technical engineer. “Adding the LCD was also a clever decision, and I can see it bringing additional value to customers.”

“Clear, reliable audio conferencing is especially relevant at this time when there is a need to maintain in-room physical distancing, while ensuring remote participants can hear and contribute to the conversation,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “The addition of the HDL200 to our product line gives IT managers every option they need to support meeting rooms of all sizes.”


Download images of the HDL200 audio conferencing system.


Watch a short video that introduces the HDL200 audio conferencing system.

Additional product details

System components

The Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system includes the following:

  • Option of dark- or light-colored integrated microphone and speaker bar with full-color LCD
  • Infrared remote control with mute, volume, call answer and hang-up buttons
  • USB and power cables that plug directly into the HDL200 bar
  • Wall mounting bracket

System requirements

The system requires a computer (PC or Mac) enabled with UC&C, web conferencing or video conferencing software, such as Microsoft® Teams, Skype® for Business, Zoom, Cisco Webex®, GoToMeeting®, Pexip® Infinity Connect and other popular UC&C applications.

Plug and play

The HDL200 system is recognized as a standard USB audio device. No additional drivers need to be installed.

Optional accessories

  • An optional mounting bracket makes it easy to attach the HDL200 system to the top or bottom of a flat-panel display, whether the display is mounted on the wall or on a stand
  • A magnetic camera mount with an angle adjustment mechanism makes it easy to attach a video camera to the top of the HDL200 system


All Nureva audio products come with a standard two-year warranty or three years with Nureva Console registration. An additional two years can also be purchased for a full five-year warranty.


The Nureva HDL200 audio conferencing system is available through a global network of value-added dealers and resellers.

About Nureva

Nureva Inc. is a technology-rich, multiple award-winning private company that imagines and builds audio conferencing solutions that solve the frustrating and persistent problem of poor audio performance in meeting and learning spaces. At the core of every system is the company’s patented Microphone Mist technology, which places thousands of virtual microphones throughout a space to pick up sound from anywhere in the room and deliver clear, reliable audio to remote participants. A passion for achieving simplicity through deep user understanding drives the company’s product roadmap and the value it creates for its customers. For more information, visit Nureva’s website and follow @NurevaInc.


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