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Nureva Developer Toolkit: APIs for customized device management

Dave McKean
By Dave McKean on Feb 3, 2021 1:15:00 AM
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Nureva Developer Toolkit: APIs for customized device management

Got APIs? In a recent survey by Cloud Elements, 83% of respondents said that they consider API integration “a critical part of their business strategy, driven by digital transformation initiatives and cloud application adoption.” And 59% of respondents said leveraging APIs increased productivity, 51% said APIs increased innovation and 43% said they lead to a direct increase in revenue.

Clearly, APIs can have a critical role in the ongoing digital transformation of the workplace. And that includes how you manage meeting room audio.


Customize and streamline

These are just some of the reasons we created the Nureva® Developer Toolkit. Enabled by the Nureva Console platform, it gives our customers secure access to a growing collection of cloud-based APIs and support documentation for Nureva audio systems. Using our APIs for device management and device control, in-house and third-party developers have the power to customize and streamline how they

  • Access device information
  • Manage firmware updates
  • Change control settings
  • Automate daily routine tasks
  • Leverage an ecosystem of products and applications

Build an app, write a script

Developers can, for example, build a custom application that notifies them if a Nureva audio device becomes unavailable, write a script to install firmware updates or leverage an integration for their room control system. Organizations will have a greater ability to quickly manage their Nureva audio systems the way they want, while easily connecting to a broader ecosystem of applications and products.

Our APIs can even help increase meeting room user satisfaction by enabling IT to integrate volume, treble and bass controls for Nureva audio devices into the applications team members are already using, such as Intel Unite®, Zoom and Office® 365.


Simple and secure

At Nureva, keeping the installation, operation and management of our products simple is a top priority. So, of course, we brought this thinking to the Nureva Developer Toolkit. Our cloud-based solution is backed by Microsoft® Azure’s infrastructure, giving you secure access to your devices from anywhere. This sets our toolkit apart from the complexity of traditional audiovisual approaches that depend on multiple layers of local servers and exploitable password-based authentication that could impede organizations seeking ways to get the most value out of their existing technology. Bottom line: our approach is more secure, simpler –  and less costly.


Nureva makes the adoption of our APIs as easy as possible with step-by-step tutorials. We provide easy-to-follow instructions for a range of supported capabilities, including checking the status of all devices, changing the speaker volume, muting the microphone, updating device firmware, selecting the microphone pickup zone and more.

Always improving

Continuous improvement is a mantra at Nureva, so, like all our products, the Nureva Developer Toolkit will keep getting better. Coming soon, we’ll release APIs that will let you integrate the LCD display of our HDL200 systems with your room booking system to show room availability and other important information. We’ll also offer APIs to help you collect data on audio quality, usage information, device availability and more. Connect the data to your preferred business intelligence software, and you’ll be able to optimize your audio performance and how you utilize your meeting spaces.

With our Microphone Mist™ technology, Nureva created a breakthrough in audioconferencing that helps organizations have better meetings with greater ease. With the Nureva Developer Toolkit, we’re also making the ongoing digital transformation of the workplace a bit easier, too.

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