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Update: Patent-pending technology makes QuickShare a game changer

Tricia Whenham
Posted by Tricia Whenham on Dec 19, 2019 1:00:00 AM
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When you run retrospectives or estimate agile stories, turning individual perspectives into team clarity can be a tall order. Not only do you need to tap into everyone’s ideas, you need to do it in a way that results in a clear direction for your whole team.

Looking for a better way to gather input and turn it into action? We’re excited to announce that multiple QuickShare groups have come to Span™ Workspace. With patent-pending technology, we’ve streamlined how you gather input on a canvas and given you flexible options to organize contributions.

How multiple QuickShare groups work

Since we introduced QuickShare a few years ago, it’s become the go-to way for many of our customers to gather ideas and feedback quickly and anonymously from groups of people.

Participants of a QuickShare session can contribute notes and images to a canvas from a phone, tablet or laptop simply by scanning a QR code or entering a number. They don’t need a Span Workspace user license. They don’t even need to give us their email address. With QuickShare, you can skip all that and get to the business of collaborating right away.

In the past, all QuickShare contributions were added to one group on a canvas – to be sorted later. But now it’s possible to send notes and images straight to specific QuickShare groups. No more time spent figuring out where each note belongs – participants choose exactly where they want their ideas to go.

Taking advantage of this new feature is easy. Just add a few groups to your Span Workspace canvas and enable QuickShare on all of them. Participants of the QuickShare session will see a drop-down menu that lets them select where to send their notes and images.

Or grab a template from the template drawer (we just added 13 new ones!) and turn on QuickShare. Instantly, the subgroups on the template will be QuickShare enabled. It’s that easy.

There’s no limit to how many groups can be turned into QuickShare groups, how many people can participate or the number of notes and images that can be submitted. And because everything is cloud-based, QuickShare works just as well whether people are gathered in the same room or distributed around the world.


Intelligent QuickShare groups

Want to get even more out of QuickShare?

Any QuickShare group (just like any group in Span Workspace) can be color coded. When you add colors to your templates or groups, QuickShare participants will see that their notes match the colors on the canvas. It’s an easy way to keep everyone on the same page.

Each QuickShare group can also be turned on and off as needed. That means that you can time exactly when you’d like people to contribute their ideas – and then turn off QuickShare from the group when you want sharing to be done.

Another feature we’ve added is the ability to pause contributions by turning off QuickShare for all enabled groups. This lets you limit canvas activity when you’d like people focused on what you’re saying – and then turn the groups back on when you want contributions to resume. Because QuickShare stays activated on the canvas, no one has to scan the QR code again. (If you want to completely end a QuickShare session, you can still turn it off from the controls drawer.)


A game changer for agile teams

Multiple QuickShare groups help speed up agile practices while making it easier to involve people outside your organization.

For your next retrospective, try a faster way to gather input from your team. Just choose one of our handy retro templates and enable QuickShare on it. Team members can quickly add their thoughts on what went well, what needs improvement and what actions to take next. Everything is organized into the right groups, so scrum masters don’t have to spend time sorting.

QuickShare also works great for story estimation. If your team likes planning poker, you can set up multiple QuickShare groups for each story point number. When people contribute, a counter on each group keeps track of where most votes are landing. There’s no groupthink and no roadblocks for remote team members.

Do you gather input from stakeholders during sprint review? Next time, try it with QuickShare. You can set up several groups to guide the feedback you receive. And because participants don’t need a Span Workspace subscription to contribute, you can invite anyone to share comments and raise questions.

And if you’d like to make your next training session more collaborative, QuickShare can help with that, too. Agile coaches or other facilitators can set up multiple spots on the canvas where input from participants is needed. As they go through the canvas, QuickShare can be turned on and off groups, keeping the session engaging and fun.

Whenever you need to gather information from a group – efficiently and easily – multiple QuickShare groups can help. Try them yourself and let us know what you think.

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